The Impact Kendrick’s “Not Like Us,” has had on Pop Culture

Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” and its references have appeared in TikTok dances for middle school proms, marching bands, and even utilized  by a weatherman. The  hysteria has consumed popular culture, creating a line in the sand on what’s authentic and what’s disingenuous . With Kendrick’s “The Pop Out,” concert in Los Angeles on Juneteenth, the entire West came out to support and give resistance to Drake’s claim that he got more love than K. Dot in his own city. When Doctor Dre whispered “ I see Dead People,” over the DJ Mustard produced hit, and NBA Basketball star Russell Westbrook and YG danced all over the “ Not Like Us,” set which he performed five times for good measure. Hip-Hop fans understood we were witnessing Drake’s public crucifixion and funeral. In an article I published on May 5th for Diggiwaxx, I had this mega battle with Drake and Kendrick Lamar being close. At the time I had Drake’s “Family Matters,” as the best song in the combat exchange. And though I knew K. Dot came on strong with four songs in one week. I felt like Drake won points for seeming more truthful. Kendrick’s accusation of Drake having a daughter and being a pedophile had no supporting evidence and I felt at the time it came across as a desperate attempt to defame Drake. My article  did not age as well as I anticipated.   The  public and internet declared  Kendrick as the decisive winner. The impact of “Not Like Us,” changed everything for Drake and the outcome of this battle. So the question is what is it about “Not Like Us” that made it such an anthem and viral sensation? Here are 10 reasons I mustered up, get it ( DJ Mustard). Ha Ha, I crack myself up sometimes, lol.  DJ Mustard gifted Kendrick a taunting piano chord that was the perfect backdrop for Kendrick’s expose of Drake’s fraudulent ways.  Kendrick picked Drake apart by highlighting his close proximity to Atlanta rappers for cultural acceptance, even going so far to call him a “colonizer.” The “Ov Ho”side to side dance is hilarious. The clever connections to Karl Malone, Tekashi 69, and Bill Cosby all either guilty or accused of inappropriate sexual assaults on women is genius. The line about beating Drake and hiding the Bible if God was watching has shock value that only elite emcees can bring to the table . He lived up to certified boogeyman mystique, Kendrick is not one to play with. “Not like Us, “becomes an anthem, at a perfect time while people are outside, the summer. It felt like we got more music from K. dot in a week than we got all of 2024. Just when Drake was looking like Thanos, K.Dot not only stole his thunder he sent him to Hip- Hop exile for the foreseeable future. K. Dot utilized the diss moment at ” The Pop Out” to unite the West Coast gangs in a sign of celebration and  unity. It feels good to finally admit my wrongs, and to see what the majority saw quite early on. Kendrick  created a significant hip hop moment, highlighting Drake for clout chasing artists when beneficial, and unified what seems like the entire world in ensuring the rapper who created the song “God’s Plan,” was instead destined to be exposed as a “liar.” Drake is as quiet as a church mouse these days with music right now, let’s see if he can reincarnate out of the  pet cemetery Kendrick Lamar buried the For All The Dogs  pop Star in.   By David Lopez Follow on Instagram @DLopez_718

Rap star Wacotron co.signs Austin Texas emerging artist LilJayFromDaO

LilJayFromDaO, a prominent figure in the world of Hip-Hop, is captivating the music scene with an unorthodox work ethic. Continuously releasing a rich profusion of astounding chants gaining the attention of some reputable industry tastemakers, One being the Texas superstar Wacotron which instantly grew fond of LilJayFromDaO gaining him a spot on his “This Is Texas” Tour followed by the renowned Reality Rap Anthem titled “Where I’m From” where both artist trade vivid picture painting lyrics of their upbringing experiences & the overcoming of their coerced poverty life manners. Checkout the video below. “Where I’m From” LilJayFromDaO x Wacotron shot by Dan2TheL Powered by Major Gains Music Agency  

#rewindreview: Blackliq & Mopes ‘Change Is A Choice’ 2023

  ‘Choice Is A Chance’ plays like a personal journal with highs and lows of life as the main theme. The Richmond V.A. rapper Blackliq, teams with beatmaker Mopes on a therapeutic journey with a “bop” to it. Although a short album ‘Choice Is A Chance’ is heavy in recognizing the importance of family foundation, no matter the social circumstances. Blackliq opens up about his own dark times on ‘Therapy’ and also coming to terms with his responsibility to live life. Other moments Blackliq provides very relatable thoughts like we have all had concerning wanting to bring children into this world. On ‘Little Me’ the Richmond V.A. rapper looks at his own childhood and ponders if he could put up with that child and how hard it could be to raise him. He extends his thoughts of growing up with the descriptive track ‘Tooth’ which conveys a story of why his mother would hide her missing one, while only realizing in Blackliq’s adult life it was due to domestic violence. ‘Choice Is A Chance’ is a reflective album that might not be for the summer barbeque get together but a way for one to sit with the record and know that being human is not always so “black and white.” What did you think of the album? Singles include: ‘Strange Famous,’ ‘Therapy’ & ‘Little Me’ Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following

Olivia and KiDi Unite for a Summer Scorcher: “Solo”

R&B icon Olivia and global music sensation KiDi are joining forces for a scorching summer anthem, “Solo.” Bridging different musical traditions, this duo has conjured an enchanting blend of compelling rhythms and catchy melodies.  In a showcase of cultural pride, Olivia performs in her native Jamaican patois, bringing authenticity and vibrancy to the track. Her lyrics, celebrating her heritage, add another layer of depth to this melodious collaboration. KiDi’s dynamic melodies amplify the song’s allure, creating an irresistible vibe that’s perfect for the season’s heat.  “Solo” is the result of a harmonious blend of creativity, where culture and artistry intersect seamlessly. The strategic partnership between Akeju, Prime Music Partners, and Sha, from Liv Lavish Productions, has nurtured this dynamic collaboration, resulting in a track that feels both fresh and familiar.  Destined to be a global summer anthem, “Solo” is set to fill dance floors and feature prominently on playlists with its infectious energy.  “Solo” is available for your listening pleasure on all major streaming and download platforms.  Listen to “Solo” video here: LINK  Follow Olivia and KiDi on Instagram: |  

Brandy Headlines Tour Previously Featuring Monica

Grammy Award-winning R&B star Brandy is set to dazzle the stage at the Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam in Las Vegas, the undisputed entertainment capital of the world, this Friday, June 14th. This event marks a milestone as Brandy showcases her unparalleled talent on the very stage that once hosted the incredible Monica, adding an exciting new chapter to the Jam’s legacy. Brandy’s return to the live music scene is a momentous occasion, as fans have eagerly awaited her comeback after a notable period away from the limelight. The event promises to elevate the experience with an impressive lineup including Bryson Tiller, Kelly Price, DC Young Fly, Michael Blackson, Lil Duval and more. This mix of musical and comedic talent promises a night of non-stop entertainment, proving that the show will go on in grand style. The event, set to unfold at the Thomas Mack Center will feature a blend of Brandy’s timeless hits and fresh tracks, alongside a lineup of top-tier comedians, creating a dynamic entertainment experience. For more information, visit:

#rewindreview: Eleven & Jason D ‘Carefully Crafted’ 2022

The idea of “Hip-Hop is dead” comes from a place of despair, with a bit of warning but many subconsciously are still waiting on mainstream avenues to correct their capitalistic model. That last part being the most hypocritical mindstate, a person who wants to hear the grassroots of HOP music could have. Reason being, there’s always a place to find what you are looking for but one has to not depend on everyone else’s attention span matching theirs to support or give a chance to lesser known acts in rap music. ‘Carefully Crafted’ from the M.C. Eleven and D.J./producer Jason D is a natural callback to the basics of HOP music. For those old enough to remember first hearing Jurassic 5 in the late 1990’s, it was apparent that their mission was to carry on traditional rap music but also was a huge part of the character and identity of the group. Eleven & Jason D do not seem as though this is their “gimmick” as oppose to just the type of music they make. Eleven’s style of rap is reminiscent of the early 1990’s while Jason D’s beats have the DNA of what made D.J. Premier so successful over the years. The two have “crafted” a time capsule that might not impress many younger ears or even older ears who feel this isn’t something they haven’t heard before. It is however more proof that those who came through a time when HOP music felt more authentic, are still able to service listeners who want to at least feel that authenticity for their listening pleasure. What did you think of the album? Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following

Can Rapsody’s New Album; “Please Don’t Cry” have Grammy Nods in 2025?

In this day, and age of Hip-Hop, we’ve come to the terms of either we accept Hip-Hop Artists giving us fluff for the music, or we truly respect the volume of authenticity, and talent within a project. For Rapsody; a very lyrical and talented Hip Hop artist from North Carolina has really come into her own stardom with her latest project; “Please Don’t Cry”. The project has the most complete, highly diverse in terms of beats productions, and ov erall music that has ever been in a Hip-Hop album in a very long time. Also, she has definitely went on a verge of giving us 22 (YES, 22!!!!) tracks of fantastic music to a point where you the listener will have no choice, but to respect who Rapsody is. During this review, I will express the GOOD, BAD, & #ReemoApproved. Also, you will take a look at the exclusive interview that I did with Rapsody, and truly watch, as well as her our converstion that the Hip Hop Culture would definitely love to admire, be inspired, and share amongst the Hip-Hop Community. The Good: I must say as a fan and contributor within the Hip Hop Culture. I was highly impressed of the 22 Track Album with No Skips (Yes, I’ve said it….NO SKIPS!!!!) and on a 3 day span listened to the album 5 times. Also, the features are legendary; Eryka Badu (3:AM), HitBoy (Asteroids), Niko Brim (Raw, Niko’s Interlude), Alex Isley (Loose Rocks), and last but not least the incomparable, sensational, and highly talented; Phylicia Rashad on the track, as well as throughout the album speaking to the artist. The productions on the album are phenomenal, and the beat selections for the album blend perfectly. If you are a fan of her music, she definitely did not disappoint. The Bad: Added more pressure to the playing field, and landscape of Hip Hop. The #ReemoApproved: Honestly, made me an omega stan of her. I really see the magnitude, and value of the album as like Nispey Hussle’s “Victory Lap” , Kendrick Lemar’s “Damn”, Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life: Volume 2, or Dare I say what DMX did in 1998 combined with “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” along with “Flesh Of my Flesh, Blood Of My Blood” in retrospect of it sparking their STARDOM within their careers. #TrustTheReemo on this one #MyCreatives this album is definitely the one for 2024. As per usual #MyCreatives, ON TO THE NEXT!!!!! Follow Me on Social Media: IG: X(Twitter): Tik Tok: LinkedIN: Subscibe to The Podcast; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. Subcribe To My Vlog Channel; Reemo Meerak: ReemTV: For Interviews, Cover your event, write a review, or Features: Shop The Merch:

#rewindreview: B.U.K.A. Entertainment presents ‘Bringing It Home: Volume One’ 2001

There was a moment when the HOP music compilation was a thing and extremely effective. An album that would introduce or expose a myriad of rappers to new audiences. Soundtracks were a great example of this, in particular ‘High School High, ‘The Show,’ ‘Rhyme & Reason’ and ‘Soul In The Hole’ were mainly HOP music but had more known acts attached to those albums. When ‘Lyricists Lounge Vol.1’ released it set a strong precedent in providing unknown rappers a space to be heard on a smaller label but larger platform. After that release many compilations were provided and were successful in their own right like the ‘Supperappin’ series, ‘Beats & Lyrics’ by D.J. Kool EQ, D.J. Spinna’s ‘Beyond Real’ compilations and more. Needless to say these albums caused mass stimulus to my brain and I was on the lookout for any compilations adjacent to them at the time. With Rawkus records giving me an introduction to D.J. Hi-Tek by way of Black Star and hearing Lone Catalysts on a couple of mixtapes, I became aware of a “Mid-West” movement that could have easily gone unnoticed outside of the region had it not been for those acts. There was another compilation called ‘Mission Control…’ that highlighted those same acts along with a group Mood that took me down the Ohio path, which lead to me discovering ‘Bringing It Home Volume One.’ This album highlights many of the acts who were connected to Lone Catalysts and their label B.U.K.A. which stood for (Brothers United Keeping It Afficial). An extremely independent label that once again gave space for more unknown acts to be heard. On this album a few names were familiar like Verbal Kent and Usef Dinero but even for an “underground Hip-hop head” at the time these were all new acts. The songs that truly stand out on this album really do like the B.J. Bigby heater ‘Surrender,’ K-Mos ‘High Noon,’ Afaliah Afelyone ‘In/Exhale’ and Usef Dinero’s ‘Misc.’ The problem is a majority of the record has tracks from artist that just don’t stand up to the best offerings here, and with nineteen tracks and album art that is not to enthusiastic it doesn’t create the best replay value. As a collector of the independent Hip-Hop music scene at the time it’s not a bad album to own and displays the street and traditional sounding HOP music of that era. What did you think of the album? Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide & TuneIn app (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following

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