Olivia and KiDi Unite for a Summer Scorcher: “Solo”

R&B icon Olivia and global music sensation KiDi are joining forces for a scorching summer anthem, “Solo.” Bridging different musical traditions, this duo has conjured an enchanting blend of compelling rhythms and catchy melodies.  In a showcase of cultural pride, Olivia performs in her native Jamaican patois, bringing authenticity and vibrancy to the track. Her lyrics, celebrating her heritage, add another layer of depth to this melodious collaboration. KiDi’s dynamic melodies amplify the song’s allure, creating an irresistible vibe that’s perfect for the season’s heat.  “Solo” is the result of a harmonious blend of creativity, where culture and artistry intersect seamlessly. The strategic partnership between Akeju, Prime Music Partners, and Sha, from Liv Lavish Productions, has nurtured this dynamic collaboration, resulting in a track that feels both fresh and familiar.  Destined to be a global summer anthem, “Solo” is set to fill dance floors and feature prominently on playlists with its infectious energy.  “Solo” is available for your listening pleasure on all major streaming and download platforms.  Listen to “Solo” video here: LINK  Follow Olivia and KiDi on Instagram: www.instagram.com/only1olivia | www.instagram.com/kidimusic  

Brandy Headlines Tour Previously Featuring Monica

Grammy Award-winning R&B star Brandy is set to dazzle the stage at the Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam in Las Vegas, the undisputed entertainment capital of the world, this Friday, June 14th. This event marks a milestone as Brandy showcases her unparalleled talent on the very stage that once hosted the incredible Monica, adding an exciting new chapter to the Jam’s legacy. Brandy’s return to the live music scene is a momentous occasion, as fans have eagerly awaited her comeback after a notable period away from the limelight. The event promises to elevate the experience with an impressive lineup including Bryson Tiller, Kelly Price, DC Young Fly, Michael Blackson, Lil Duval and more. This mix of musical and comedic talent promises a night of non-stop entertainment, proving that the show will go on in grand style. The event, set to unfold at the Thomas Mack Center will feature a blend of Brandy’s timeless hits and fresh tracks, alongside a lineup of top-tier comedians, creating a dynamic entertainment experience. For more information, visit: www.fallbackinlovejam.com

Chappyweezy – Chosen One

Chappyweezy, the Canadian Filipino rap artist hailing from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, has emerged as a dynamic force in the hip-hop scene. His musical journey began with exposure to various genres, but it was the discovery of hip-hop that ignited his true passion. Influenced by artists such as Young Thug, Lil Durk, and No Cap, Chappyweezy started crafting his own rhymes, captivating audiences at local talent shows and open mics. Having cultivated a dedicated following in his hometown, Chappyweezy expanded his reach by releasing music online, earning acclaim for his distinctive fusion of trap beats and melodic hooks. His lyrical prowess, coupled with introspective and heartfelt themes, set him apart in the crowded music landscape. Noteworthy releases include several singles and an EP, showcasing Chappyweezy’s versatility as both a rapper and a songwriter. The essence of Chappyweezy’s music delves into profound themes of identity, mental health, and relationships, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences as a first-generation Filipino-Canadian. Beyond entertainment, he aspires to leverage his platform to inspire and empower listeners, particularly those who may feel marginalized or misunderstood. With infectious energy and undeniable talent, Chappyweezy is rapidly establishing himself not only in the Canadian hip-hop scene but also in reaching audiences beyond borders. His latest album, “Chosen One,” serves as a testament to his dedication and artistry, promising an immersive experience that reflects the artist’s growth and commitment to making a lasting impact in the world of music. Click here to steam the album: https://linktr.ee/Chappyweezy or listen below.

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