USA Breakin’ Scores Hair Deal with JML

USA Breakin’, a top breakdancing team, just landed a cool deal with Jamaican Mango & Lime (JML), a hair care company known for textured hair products. This year-long partnership (2024) means the breakdancers will have the hair products they need to keep their unique styles looking great as they compete around the world. This deal comes at a perfect time for breakdancing. It’s about to be a medal sport at the Olympics for the first time ever! JML will give the USA Breakin’ team special hair products that can hold up to the tough moves of breakdancing. Whether they’re spinning on their heads or doing fancy footwork, their hair will stay in place. Here’s where you can see the USA Breakin’ team show off their skills and awesome hair: Battle for NYC: May 26th Dance Con 2024 Miami: June 7th-9th Olympic Watch Party at Hard Rock Hollywood: August 8th Breakin’ Exhibition at Fort Lauderdale: December 3rd “We’re excited to partner with USA Breakin’ and help these talented athletes,” said Krystal McNear, marketing director for JML. “JML and breakdancing are both about showing off who you are and being creative, so this is a great fit.” Felix Sama, president of USA Breakin’, agreed. “We’re happy to have JML’s support this year, which is a big year for breakdancing.” Fans can look forward to special content showing the breakdancers’ daily hair care routines and how JML products help them keep their locs, twists, and braids healthy. This partnership is about more than just hair, though. It’s about celebrating breakdancing as both an art form and a sport. Don’t miss these incredible dancers defying gravity and expressing themselves through their art, all while rocking their favorite JML styles! More Than Just Competitions USA Breakin’, based in Miami, fights to make sure American breakdancers get a fair shot at competing worldwide. They carefully choose a national team that reflects the spirit of both the U.S. breakdancing community and hip-hop culture, which began in the United States. But their goal goes beyond winning competitions. USA Breakin’ helps breakdancing grow at all levels. They support local breakdancing groups, organize national events, and offer resources for the entire breakdancing community. This includes training for coaches, teachers, and judges. They even run competitions in four age groups: Youth (12 and under), Teen (13-17), Adult/Pro (18-34), and Legacy (35 and above). This focus on including everyone helps ensure breakdancing will continue to thrive in the United States for years to come. For more information on Jamaican Mango & Lime and its partnership with USA Breakin’, follow @jamaicanmangoandlime and @usabreakin on social media.   SOURCE Jamaican Mango Lime

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