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Domani – Skydive (Album)

Domani – Skydive (Album)

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Two years after his acclaimed 2019 album “Time Will Tell,” Domani Harris returns with “SKYDIVE.”


Domani Harris, son of revered southern rapper T.I., comes from a royal Hip-Hop bloodline, but the 20-year-old rapper has effectively solidified an artistic identity of his own. Back in 2019, Domani released Time Will Tellto widespread critical acclaim, and it even garnered praise from J. Cole, who said that Domani “delivered a classic.”Two years later, the Atlanta-based artist has returned with another full-length effort for his fans, an 11-track album titled SKYDIVE. In contrast to the adrenaline rush typically associated with skydiving, Domani’s new project embodies a smooth, lush, and laid-back soundscape. Still, there is a lot to be excited about when listening to SKYDIVE. The album features guest appearances from D Smoke (who also released a new project this Friday), DaVionne, Nasty C, Natalie Orfilia, Rapsody, Anthony Hamilton, and Shad Da God.

Whether you were a big fan of Time Will Tell or if you still haven’t given Domani’s music a chance, SKYDIVE is definitely an album that you need to spin a couple of times this weekend. Give it a listen below and let us know in the comments if you’re feeling it.


1. Don’t Look Down
2. I Know It’s Real (feat. DaVionne & D Smoke)
3. Henny & Crystals
4. Talk About It
5. Numb
6. Your Place
7. Friends (feat. Nasty C)
8. Closer
9. Dominoe (feat. Natalie Orfilia)
10. Fallin (feat. Rapsody & Anthony Hamilton)
11. Burnout [Bonus] (feat. Shad Da God)


Artist: Domani
Label: Forever Records
Genres: Hip Hop, R&B