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Long Story Longer (Ras Kass, Yukmouth, Swifty McVay, MRK SX) – People Like You

Long Story Longer (Ras Kass, Yukmouth, Swifty McVay, MRK SX) – People Like You

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An executive producer and song A&R out of Detroit is making sure that artists keep up with the current climate and sound of the music. LaBront “LB” Askew’s vision is to make a long story longer. His “Long Story Longer” production company currently works with Yukmouth, a member of the platinum-selling and Grammy-nominated group called Luniz most popular for the single titled, “I Got 5 on It.” He also works with hip hop legend Ras Kass of The HRSMN, Swift McVay of rap group D12, and up-and-coming MC and producer MRK SX. They will release their first collaborative project in the fall.

“Many artists, old and new, mistakenly make the same type of music that they’re used to making or that their fans are used to,” said LB. “That’s one of the reasons artists can’t grow their fan bases or
lose the attention of current fans.”
Long Story Longer provides artists with a more contemporary sound while maintaining the artist’s art and integrity. The company’s versatility allows them to work with already established artists,
legacy artists and also up-and coming artists. The goal is to change the game one hit at a time. LB got his start in the industry as a manager for D12’s Swifty McVay. He and McVay had been friends for years when he called upon him to help
with his brother-in-law’s dream of being a rapper. “McVay saw that I had vision and was businessminded,” says LB. “He gave me the opportunity to manage him.”
LB soon realized there was much more to artist management than he realized. “It’s a lot of pressure to have someone entrust their career to you,” says LB. “There was a lot of paperwork, networking and negotiating that I had to do on his behalf.”
LB says there were times he would have rather been in the studio working on the production side of things–which came more naturally to him. “Production has always been my niche,” he said. “I love being in the studio, selecting
beats and working with artists.”
On October 22, Long Story Longer will
release the “Long Story Longer” music
project with long-time fans and new
listeners in mind. LB spent seven months
listening to hundreds of beats in
consideration of the artists. The project
will be available digitally but will have have physical CD distribution and vinyl
“It’s important to me and to the artists I work with to give fans collectibles–something they can have for years to come,” said LB. They will also have performance show dates to connect with young and older fans while promoting the project.
The project is full of hits,” said LB. “When the world listens to this project, they’ll be
pleasantly surprised to hear these guys going in on this type of production.”

Ras Kass
Swifty McVay of D12
Artists: MRK SX, Ras Kass, Swifty McVay, Yukmouth
Label: Long Story Longer
Release Date: 03/10/2021
Genre: Hip Hop
Publisher: Long Story Longer Music
Available on: