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Noxbond 90 is something from the Next World as real as Real Life gets. This is a Super Hit he wrote while touring with Webbie in Houston. This for everybody from the clubs to the radio you will hear this Next Level Dj's priority record for years to come. The ladies will get down to it and the G's gone zoom zoom over these pressurized punches over this sensational beat from West oven Beats . This record is about to accelerate

Salute to the family Code G Spare Racks on this phenomenal Album Code World. This album is straight gas from the radio hits like Rain, Cold Heart, and Tesla songs about what it's like on the come up while living life with the hustlers and gangsters. Really getting it out the mud while you're on the way to the top. Straight catchy, incredible beats and choruses followed by dope bouncy melodic flows.To the trap songs like Flawless Gang ,I Got It,

  Freaky Focus Red Light Is a real life banger .Freaky Murdered this beat  from the hard ass hook to the last bar hes applying nothing but pressure  .Dropping back to back jewels and straight bars This is a rite One  worldwide  Real Life Next level Zp ent 50 50 Music Group Kavalli Beats   Universal Hit.…

The song, Candy, is another banga to add to your playlist for 2022!  Candy is from the 32 degrees album by Noxbond, featuring Fat Jag, and brought to you by the Real Life Music Syndicate and Live Mixtapes.  This Next Level hit is poppin’ like Pop Rocks in your mouth starting from the way that Jag comes in with the hook.  It reminds you of a classic Akon track.  To the way that Noxbond murders it with his versatile style and