Rap star Wacotron co.signs Austin Texas emerging artist LilJayFromDaO

LilJayFromDaO, a prominent figure in the world of Hip-Hop, is captivating the music scene with an unorthodox work ethic. Continuously releasing a rich profusion of astounding chants gaining the attention of some reputable industry tastemakers, One being the Texas superstar Wacotron which instantly grew fond of LilJayFromDaO gaining him a spot on his “This Is Texas” Tour followed by the renowned Reality Rap Anthem titled “Where I’m From” where both artist trade vivid picture painting lyrics of their upbringing experiences & the overcoming of their coerced poverty life manners. Checkout the video below. “Where I’m From” LilJayFromDaO x Wacotron shot by Dan2TheL Powered by Major Gains Music Agency  

Olivia and KiDi Unite for a Summer Scorcher: “Solo”

R&B icon Olivia and global music sensation KiDi are joining forces for a scorching summer anthem, “Solo.” Bridging different musical traditions, this duo has conjured an enchanting blend of compelling rhythms and catchy melodies.  In a showcase of cultural pride, Olivia performs in her native Jamaican patois, bringing authenticity and vibrancy to the track. Her lyrics, celebrating her heritage, add another layer of depth to this melodious collaboration. KiDi’s dynamic melodies amplify the song’s allure, creating an irresistible vibe that’s perfect for the season’s heat.  “Solo” is the result of a harmonious blend of creativity, where culture and artistry intersect seamlessly. The strategic partnership between Akeju, Prime Music Partners, and Sha, from Liv Lavish Productions, has nurtured this dynamic collaboration, resulting in a track that feels both fresh and familiar.  Destined to be a global summer anthem, “Solo” is set to fill dance floors and feature prominently on playlists with its infectious energy.  “Solo” is available for your listening pleasure on all major streaming and download platforms.  Listen to “Solo” video here: LINK  Follow Olivia and KiDi on Instagram: www.instagram.com/only1olivia | www.instagram.com/kidimusic  

Can Rapsody’s New Album; “Please Don’t Cry” have Grammy Nods in 2025?

In this day, and age of Hip-Hop, we’ve come to the terms of either we accept Hip-Hop Artists giving us fluff for the music, or we truly respect the volume of authenticity, and talent within a project. For Rapsody; a very lyrical and talented Hip Hop artist from North Carolina has really come into her own stardom with her latest project; “Please Don’t Cry”. The project has the most complete, highly diverse in terms of beats productions, and ov erall music that has ever been in a Hip-Hop album in a very long time. Also, she has definitely went on a verge of giving us 22 (YES, 22!!!!) tracks of fantastic music to a point where you the listener will have no choice, but to respect who Rapsody is. During this review, I will express the GOOD, BAD, & #ReemoApproved. Also, you will take a look at the exclusive interview that I did with Rapsody, and truly watch, as well as her our converstion that the Hip Hop Culture would definitely love to admire, be inspired, and share amongst the Hip-Hop Community. The Good: I must say as a fan and contributor within the Hip Hop Culture. I was highly impressed of the 22 Track Album with No Skips (Yes, I’ve said it….NO SKIPS!!!!) and on a 3 day span listened to the album 5 times. Also, the features are legendary; Eryka Badu (3:AM), HitBoy (Asteroids), Niko Brim (Raw, Niko’s Interlude), Alex Isley (Loose Rocks), and last but not least the incomparable, sensational, and highly talented; Phylicia Rashad on the track, as well as throughout the album speaking to the artist. The productions on the album are phenomenal, and the beat selections for the album blend perfectly. If you are a fan of her music, she definitely did not disappoint. The Bad: Added more pressure to the playing field, and landscape of Hip Hop. The #ReemoApproved: Honestly, made me an omega stan of her. I really see the magnitude, and value of the album as like Nispey Hussle’s “Victory Lap” , Kendrick Lemar’s “Damn”, Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life: Volume 2, or Dare I say what DMX did in 1998 combined with “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” along with “Flesh Of my Flesh, Blood Of My Blood” in retrospect of it sparking their STARDOM within their careers. #TrustTheReemo on this one #MyCreatives this album is definitely the one for 2024. As per usual #MyCreatives, ON TO THE NEXT!!!!! Follow Me on Social Media: IG: https://www.instagram.com/reemomeerak_/ X(Twitter): https://twitter.com/reemomeerak_ Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@reemomeerak_ LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kareemreemomeeraktyson Subscibe to The Podcast; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. https://www.youtube.com/@TheCUTS_ Subcribe To My Vlog Channel; Reemo Meerak: ReemTV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzeBLMMZerckVQ9LJa93oZw For Interviews, Cover your event, write a review, or Features: ReemoMeerakBrand.info@gmail.com Shop The Merch: https://reemomeerakbrand.myshopify.com


  In the realm of music, artists often use their creative prowess to explore and comment on various aspects of life, society, and the environments they are from. Albee Al, a renowned Hip Hop artist, has recently released a compelling album titled “Albee For President”. This musical endeavor serves as a platform for Albee Al to express his views on his Jersey City raising, stories of surviving jail, and societal dynamics he embraces daily. In this article, we delve into the essence of the album, exploring its themes, tracks, and the artist’s unique approach to conveying political commentary through music. Also, check out the exclusive in-person interview at his listening event:   The Album’s Title and Concept: “Albee For President” immediately captures attention with its bold and intriguing title. While it might not imply a literal run for office, the album signifies Albee Al’s desire to contribute to the masses of the Hip Hop culture with his art. The title serves as a metaphor for an artist taking a stand and using their influence to address pressing issues, as well as of his lyrical template that has him as one of the most watch artist projectively for 2024. The album encompasses a diverse range of themes that reflect Albee Al’s perspective. From systemic inequalities to the struggles of marginalized communities, each track serves as a lyrical canvas where the artist paints a vivid picture of the world as he sees it. Albee Al’s ability to blend a narrative and paint the picture with social commentary creates a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners. Key Tracks: **”Who Ya Big Homie”**: This track sets the tone for the entire album, and that “Boom-Bap” feel we needed!!! Also, featuring Mozzy with powerful lyrics that call for the energy that’s derived from his Jersey City roots. The gritty quality of the song makes it a standout piece that captures the essence of the album. **”Press Conference”**: In this track, which is the first track of the album in the beginning. Albee Al amplifies the voices of those often unheard. Addressing the challenges faced by urban communities, he sheds light on the realities that many face on a daily basis. **“El Presidente”**: Albee Al takes more of the uptempo approach, as well as most definitely a well produced music video!!! At the listening party in The Cult Lab, this track was one of the choice options to drink, and it definitely was a #ReemoApproved Musical Style and Production: Beyond its lyrical content, “Albee For President” showcases Albee Al’s musical versatility. The album seamlessly blends various styles of rap creating a dynamic listening experience. The production quality enhances the impact of the messages conveyed, with carefully crafted beats complementing the weighty themes. “Albee For President” stands as a testament to the power of music as a medium for social and diverse commentary. Albee Al’s ability to intertwine meaningful lyrics with captivating and vigorous energy creates an album that not only entertains but also challenges listeners to reflect on the world around them. In an era where artists are increasingly using their platforms to address societal issues, “Albee For President” is a noteworthy addition that adds depth to the musical landscape while encouraging dialogue on pressing matters. As per usual, ON TO THE NEXT #MyCreatives Follow Me On Social Media: www.instagram.com/reemomeerak_ www.twitter.com/reemomeerak_ WEBSITE: ⁠ReemoMeerak.com⁠ For a Feature, Review, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event: ReemoMeerakBrand.Info@Gmail.com  

Chappyweezy – Chosen One

Chappyweezy, the Canadian Filipino rap artist hailing from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, has emerged as a dynamic force in the hip-hop scene. His musical journey began with exposure to various genres, but it was the discovery of hip-hop that ignited his true passion. Influenced by artists such as Young Thug, Lil Durk, and No Cap, Chappyweezy started crafting his own rhymes, captivating audiences at local talent shows and open mics. Having cultivated a dedicated following in his hometown, Chappyweezy expanded his reach by releasing music online, earning acclaim for his distinctive fusion of trap beats and melodic hooks. His lyrical prowess, coupled with introspective and heartfelt themes, set him apart in the crowded music landscape. Noteworthy releases include several singles and an EP, showcasing Chappyweezy’s versatility as both a rapper and a songwriter. The essence of Chappyweezy’s music delves into profound themes of identity, mental health, and relationships, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences as a first-generation Filipino-Canadian. Beyond entertainment, he aspires to leverage his platform to inspire and empower listeners, particularly those who may feel marginalized or misunderstood. With infectious energy and undeniable talent, Chappyweezy is rapidly establishing himself not only in the Canadian hip-hop scene but also in reaching audiences beyond borders. His latest album, “Chosen One,” serves as a testament to his dedication and artistry, promising an immersive experience that reflects the artist’s growth and commitment to making a lasting impact in the world of music. Click here to steam the album: https://linktr.ee/Chappyweezy or listen below.

Album Review: Blockbusta – Is Busta Rhyme’s Latest Effort a Classic?

When Busta Rhymes dropped Extinction Level Event 2 in 2020, he hadn’t dropped an album in 11 years. He doesn’t make fans wait long as he drops Blockbusta just three years later. The Long Island legend really mastered the ceremony with this release, as he delivers a thoughtfully laid out project with all the best aspects of his style. This project really embodies that title, as Busta brings us perhaps his most cohesive project if not the most refined version of him.  One of the most debated topics in hip-hop, particularly about rappers is, do they have a classic album? Busta is one of those golden-age artists this is debated about. Now his last project E.L.E.2 certainly satisfied the hip-hop enthusiasts with boom-bap heavy tracks and vintage feel but, it left some area to be gained with mainstream stay. This latest release feels like it could be the answer to all those questions and possibly his most solid project ever.  The show starts fast, no long skit or drawn out intro Busta gets straight to it 15 seconds into “The Statement,” and it feels like he hears the chatter too. Rapping double-time like he’s late to a meeting, Busta reminds those hating who he is. The track is a great intro and sets the bar for the project. “Remind ‘Em” featuring Quavo keeps the pace high, and fits well as a second track. Of course Busta switches cadences and has some signature ad-lib breakdowns, while the track feels big and regal, definitely a bop for the ride.  You know Busta always is going to hold down New York, as BIA stops through on “Beach Ball,” but the project really turns up with Young Thug’s appearance on “OK.” Cool and Dre heavy synth-trappy production slides hard with the two MCs on the forth track.  The vibes continue on with the unique voice of  LA’s Blxst over a western feeling guitar-riff on “Could It Be You.” The stripped production of the track highlights the best of the calculated rhymes of Busta as he spits, “Give you the semi, question if you gonna keep it tucked?/When I’m in my struggle/ I question if you gonna keep me up.” The track feels like a Tarintino flick with Young Bleu playing the twist, adding a smooth flavor to the second verse.  Still no skits. No skips. “Luxury Life” is a playful song and memorable hook as Busta Does his best Four Tops delivery of an interpolation of “Ain’t No Woman.” It serves two useful purposes, reaching a younger audience with the assistance of Coi Leray, and satisfies the Hip-hop purest monster with the production at this point of the album, a win-win. T-pain and DaBaby assist on “Big Everything” relying on a resampled version of UGK’s “So Throwed.” If you can get past the first 30 seconds of DaBaby or enjoy him, this song really slaps, especially in the low bass category.  This is where the project really turns up, Burna Boy really brings the vibes up with “Roboshotta” as Busta embodies one of the best versions of himself in his rudeboy flow. “Tings” really gives DJs a afro-beat infused club joint that works so well. “The Return of Mansa Musa” showcases Busta on a golden throne of percussion, Swizz Beats cooks up with MJ interpolation that falls into a rhythmic genre blending treat. Still No Skips. JNR CHOI stops by to assist “Stand Up” with the unique use of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” chopped into a Soca-esch dance blend, which is pleasantly received. The most experimental song so far. Busta is like a gracious host showing us his house, as he welcomes Shenseea and Chris Brown next for a smooth ride on “Open Wide.” Then goes into braggadocios classic Busta with “Hold Up.” The beat is playful and memorable. “Hive”‘s melodic piano hypnotizes as Busta drops back into rudeboy mode with Giggs, switching the energy and “Homage” featuring Kodak Black brings us back to the streets amping up the energy. Still no skips! Morray soothes and croones with the auto-tune assisted “Legend,” while Slide goes into a Mystikal sample before a piano driven instrumental send off. A strange but cool juxtaposition of tracks.  “Legacy” delivers so well as a segway into a smoother vibe and the guest deliver memorable spots, as Busta drops into his cool low baritone voice.  The final track features Big Tigger, bringing everyone back to “The Basement,” as he interviews Busta Bus about the state of the game, but does at time come off as campy during his parts. The choir backed track, is a nostalgic flashback at the legacy of the MC and his answer to all the questions about his place in hip-hop. It’s hard to place the classic label on things as they drop, but purely on first listen, there are no skips on this project. Hip-hop purists might have a more critical view of this project, as the project sounds very commercially strong, but again, you want boom bap Busta, go listen to E.L.E.2. Rating 9/10 Favorite Song: Roboshotta – This thing just go. Least Liked Song – Big Everything – DaBaby just kind of sounds like he does … on everything.   

Glasses Malone Dares Cancel Culture with Cancel Deeez Nutz

There was a time and era where West coast ruled the airwaves, where you would hear Dr.Dre, Ice Cube or Snoop oozing out of speakers everywhere and wonky synth leads over G-Funk hooks were the standard. Glasses Malone latest project Cancel Deeez Nutz provides that feeling again and also transports listeners to L.A. with a cohesive backdrop of well produced music.  The name of the project perfectly personifies the content, as Glasses forces us in the old school through LA hoods in 2023. Kicking the door with the title track “Cancel Deeez Nutz,” which sets the bar for what some will deem offensive material in the era of cancel culture. Glasses dares them with memorable assistance by the L.A. Giantz who raps “I believe Kathleen is still a man/ RKelly Music turned up I’m still a fan,” over staccato string stabs. The rapper delivers with an authentic proud middle finger to the cancel culture on certain topics with songs like “Kanye Should Have Married (That Bitch),” and “Sum VI Bitchez.” Malone gives listeners a little bit of everything with lyrical hip-hop driven joints like “21’ Stimy Flow” and “Tha Loc,” while taking listeners on a California journey with songs like“ My Nyk Cortez,” and “Palm Trees and Roses.” The most notable of these, the ode to one of his favorite hood food spots with “Jim Dandy’s.” The song opens with a pimpish interpolation of Cameo’s “Candy,” as Glasses flips a classic Snoop line while telling us about the treacherous route just to get there. The second verse delivers a play by play scenario of the game of life or death for some chicken, but the song delivers shiny and glistening like a delicious chicken wing; undeniable. The real treats of this project are “Us” and “Tale of Whitney’s Plug.” The foremost song is introduced with a clip from Cedric the Entertainer from the movie Be Cool, before diving into a classic Westcoast beat, featuring Joey Westside. This track is a flag of Black pride and celebration of the Black influence. Delivering with deep striking passion, over fly production that maintains the Westcoast cool vibe at the same time.  The latter is an interesting journey, not only sonically but the bars as well. The cranky voice of Samuel L. Jackson’s character Stephen from DJango Unchained quickly enters, before cutting into a surprisingly cut sample. Glasses paints the scene purposefully and methodically, while laying out the dope game in story form over another banger by producer E.P. Who noticeably does an impeccable job of creating a cohesive and consistent high-level of production throughout the project.  The project delivers well for the seasoned MC, even the outro track “Walk Off” slaps, with assistance from Kokane. Glasses gives proper salutes and tributes to Battlecat, Dsmoke, and other collaborators over a thumping jawn.  Although the project is thorough and consistent, it is also polarizing. This is not something you play for everyone, but Glasses draws his line in the sand with no apologies. Those who rock with it are provided with endless C-Walking material and funky slaps.  Favorite Song: “Tale of Whitney’s Plug” Least Favorite Song – Undecided, there’s not really an un-listenable song.  Rating 8.0/10

Jeezy Maintains Consistency with New Album

  Jeezy may have dropped the Young from his moniker a few years ago, but has maintained the signature sound and adlibs that broke him into the industry with his latest effort I Might Forgive… but I Don’t Forget. In addition to the familiar adlibs of “haha”‘s and the occasional “let’s get it,” The Snowman has shown a bit of growth in his content. Songs like “Don’t Cheat” which claims real men don’t cheat and “Delusional” in which he raps about surviving the street life to leave it.  Keeping it true to his classic sound on tracks like “I Might Forgive”, “My Name” and “Shine On.”  The beginning of the album is dominated by producer Ricky Polo who does his best Trap or Die impersonations, with trappy leads and deep sub bass, certain to please the slab riders with bass for the system.  The second half is dominated by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League who diversifies the sound a bit with tracks like “If I’m Being Honest,” “Titanic” and “Expectations.” Their use of timely samples, raucous intros and interesting percussion is what changes the tone of the project just enough. The project is 29 tracks deep, which seems a bit lengthy for this era and tends to drag on a little too long. Jeezy raps about his typical content of drug tales and thug type references, while showing maturity talking about real estate, relationships and the responsibilities of a legal businessman.  For the loyal Jeezy fan, this project will more than fill their appetites, however it will do very little to draw in new younger fans. Jeezy has found a formula that works and doesn’t stray very far from it.  Favorite Track – “Shine On” Least favorite track – “Nothing to Prove” Album rating 6/10

DeShaunJay – Only

Hailing from Bolton, NC but now calls San Antonio, TX home, DeShaunJay is a very diverse, talented rising star in the music industry who’s love for music began at a very young age. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of hip-hop & real rap music, DeShaun always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry & his distinctive studio work ethic alone proves he’s an artist to take seriously. He has been honing his craft ever since. DeShaun made a name for himself in 2014 when he founded the Flourish Gang; from which he’s released several successful projects, including the highly anticipated Phone Calls 4 which dropped in early 2023. In 2021 he was elected as Brand Ambassador for MVP Vibes gaining the attention of some Major industry DJ’s & Tastemakers across the country. Landing a spot on Dominican Jay’s Shade45 radio playlist DeShaunJay’s new single “Only” has begun to gain some momentous traction as it gains its well earned placement onto honorable DJ’s radio shows, Playlists, Blog mentions & more. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, DeshaunJay makes a strong statement on his latest offering as he delivers laced lyricism made up of monetary value. Press play on the trending track “Only” below & Keep a watchful eye on DeshaunJay as he continues to captivate REAL music devotee’s with his astonishing musical greatness.

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