“Juan EP IS LIFE” Podcast Featuring Pete Rock & Common Live Event #ReemoApproved Recap

Juan EP IS LIFE Live Event Recap

The “Juan EP IS LIFE” live podcast recently held a special event at the legendary S.O.B.‘s, honoring and celebrating the contributions of Common and Pete Rock to the Hip Hop music industry, and Culture.

Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg masterfully demonstrated how to have live conversations at an all time high with this event.

This event featured live discussions, interviews, and performances that highlighted the influence and legacy of these two iconic figures in hip-hop. The atmosphere was vibrant, with fans and attendees enjoying an evening of stories, insights, and music that paid tribute to Common’s lyrical prowess and Pete Rock’s production genius.

Also, had as the house DJ the Legend; Mark Ronson who had the crowd flowing with the sounds, and quality hip hop music.

#MYCreatives I was able to give you some footage from REEMTV:

Now let’s go the GOOD, BAD, and #ReemoApproved


HIP HOP was definitely represented well with this event. The stories were iconic, and uncanny. They all flowed so well, and you can feel their years of experience and knowledge just overall captivating the crowd. I was just amazed of the productions and how it was setup at S.O.B.’s

All in All must see whom they will have next for another live show?

The BAD:


The #ReemoApproved:

One word, “Phenomenal”.

As a fan of Hip Hop, as well as a contributor via Media. I really had to pick my moments to capture and film on ReemTV. There were way too much precious info and material expressed, and honestly for Common to just spit bars effectively and efficiently off of one of his classic tracks was just EPIC AF.

Also, be on the lookout for their new album THIS THURSDAY called “The Auditorium, Vol. 1” on all major streaming platforms.

As per usual, #MYCreatives …..ON TO THE NEXT!!!!

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