Mr. Chicken “Gemini Love Story” #ReemoApproved Review

Can Mr. Chicken’s “Gemini Love Story” set the mark in 2024?

Yo, real rap #MYCreatives

I’m not gonna lie.

Even though I arrived to the listening event a tad late because life be life’n, and I must say this event was definitely solid, as well as straight to the point. Much Big’ups to Vianca (Playbook MG/Publicist) because word was, it was a short notice for preparation, but once again, her expertise and event planning skills, as well as catering to her clients needs to market and display of what they have to offer truly showed, and came to play, and most succeeded. Mr. Chicken’s third studio album; “Gemini Love Story” sounds like he took his time to be well diverse in on this album. You have many many tracks that the range from a melodic sound to even almost a hybrid blend of boom bap and melodic, which is kind of dope to me in a sense. Also, to know he still staying within “Old School” standard hip-hop roots, as well as he’s definitely blending in with the vibe that everybody wants and looks for.

Also check this interview out that I did with him on ReemTV: Get SeriousTV,  as well as well as my platform C.U.T.S. Podcast:

Let’s speak on the GOOD, BAD, and the #ReemoApproved:

The GOOD, he really selected quality beats to go along with his style of Rap, and you can sense his skillset have increased, as well as making some smooth tracks that set the vibe.

The BAD, would’ve loved more features on the album. I hope on the next album he goes the gusto with that. I believe he has the potential and musically gifted skill set to gather more people to join him on some tracks.

The #ReemoApproved, honestly minus my gripe with features on “Gemini Love Story”.

Mr. Chicken has a very solid, and dope project. Definitely can be played heavily in the summer, and can push into the fall. Also, his energy and passion matches the tracks that are on the album.

Favorite tracks on the Album:

  • “Treat Me”
  • “Crazy Love”
  • “Say When”
  • “Better Than My Last”
  • “Basics”

For sure, a quality add to your playlist.

As per usual #MyCreatives, ON TO THE NEXT!!!!

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