#rewindreview: Black Moon ‘Rise Of Da Moon’ 2019


2019 was a heavy year for HOP music releases with some veterans making comeback albums. Often forgotten is the return of Black Moon who had not released an album as a group since 2002’s ‘Total Eclipse.’ ‘Rise Of Da Moon’ is as “Duck Down crew” as it can get in the later years of rapping. No one is missing as Buckshot, 5 Ft. Accelerator and D.J. Evil Dee present the dynamic first seen on their debut album ‘Enta Da Stage,’ with all music provided by The Beatminerz. ‘Creep Wit Me’ sets the tone of the album as Buckshot offers his low and rough voice while “5 Footer” adds his high pitched energy to a Beatminerz track worthy of those late night sounds fans come to know from the group. The two emcees feed off of each other like this throughout the album and as far as 5 Ft. Accelerator, fans get to feel he’s presence much more on this album. Features are kept to a minimum and only include Smif-N-Wessun, Method Man and Rockness Monsta. This also makes the album much more streamlined but makes it a challenge for Black Moon to keep the listeners attention span for fifty minutes. As a whole the album could have been shortened by a few songs as there isn’t enough diverse content. The majority of the album is either about their return to the music, boisterous claims of street credibility or how nice their skills are on the microphone. As a Black Moon fan one can appreciate these angles but after such a long hiatus it would have served the album to delve into more ideas. The strength of this release is how the music doesn’t divert too far from who Black Moon is. This is beats and rhymes, the attributes that created the rise of Black Moon. What did you think of the album?

Singles include:
‘Creep Wit Me’ & ‘Black Moon Rise’

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