#rewindreview: Blackliq & Mopes ‘Change Is A Choice’ 2023


‘Choice Is A Chance’ plays like a personal journal with highs and lows of life as the main theme. The Richmond V.A. rapper Blackliq, teams with beatmaker Mopes on a therapeutic journey with a “bop” to it. Although a short album ‘Choice Is A Chance’ is heavy in recognizing the importance of family foundation, no matter the social circumstances. Blackliq opens up about his own dark times on ‘Therapy’ and also coming to terms with his responsibility to live life. Other moments Blackliq provides very relatable thoughts like we have all had concerning wanting to bring children into this world. On ‘Little Me’ the Richmond V.A. rapper looks at his own childhood and ponders if he could put up with that child and how hard it could be to raise him. He extends his thoughts of growing up with the descriptive track ‘Tooth’ which conveys a story of why his mother would hide her missing one, while only realizing in Blackliq’s adult life it was due to domestic violence. ‘Choice Is A Chance’ is a reflective album that might not be for the summer barbeque get together but a way for one to sit with the record and know that being human is not always so “black and white.” What did you think of the album?

Singles include:

‘Strange Famous,’ ‘Therapy’ & ‘Little Me’

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