#rewindreview: Chill Rob G. ‘Ride The Rhythm’ 1990


The name Chill Rob G. should be a familiar name if one has been a hip-hop head for years pre-internet. One of his biggest moments was the song ‘The Power’ which was one of the biggest pop hits in 1990 only it was from a group called SNAP but it was Chill Rob G.’s song…. and well you’ll have to due some studying on that. Throughout the years I have always heard tracks on this album but it wasn’t until last month that I finally got around to hearing ‘Ride The Rhythm’ in full. With the untimely death of Mark The 45 King, I was reminded to finally hear this album produced entirely by the now deceased legend. ‘Ride The Rhythm’ was released on Wild Pitch records which was kind of like an early Rawkus records in that the releases were never about “fluff” and true to an emerging HOP sound and demographic at the time. Chill Rob G. had the quintessential voice and style of HOP for this era which included battle rhymes, story-telling and conscious raps to open the ideas and minds of young listeners. ‘Court Is Now In Session’ is the track I most knew him for which takes personal accountability, the legal system and police brutality to task. ‘Bad Dreams’ finds the “future shock” rapper going through one’s P.T.S.D. scenarios of urban living while sleeping. Although Chill Rob G. can keep it very serious over these up-tempo beats by Mark The 45 King he provides plenty of moments of showing his reason for being a top prospect on the mic for that era. The title track of this album is probably my favorite and is one of the few tracks I’ve heard over the years. ‘Ride The Rhythm’ is infectious and ‘Hard Times’ by Baby Huey is sampled perfectly by Mark The 45 King, providing a blueprint to how the sample would be utilized by other artist later on. ‘Ride The Rhythm’ as an album is not perfect but does have it’s place in the pantheon of the HOP’s second generation and influence on where the music would go. Rest in beats to the architect of this albums music D.J. Mark The 45 King. What did you think of the album?

Singles include:
‘Dope Rhymes,’ ‘Court Is Now In Session,’ ‘The Power’ & ‘Let Me Show You’


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