#rewindreview: Jay Dee a.k.a. J-Dilla ‘Ruff Draft’ EP 2003


During the days of Jay Dee’s life, when he was still under utilized by the music industry and the “Dilla changed my life” audience thought “Jay Dee” was a misspelling of Jermaine Dupri, the Detroit native was dropping solo music that barely saw the light of day. ‘Ruff Draft’ was an EP that was originally only released on vinyl after “J-Dilla’s” solo debut ‘Welcome 2 Detroit’ and the shelved MCA Records debut album ‘Pay Jay.’ ‘Ruff Draft’ like it’s namesake was a collection of tracks which sounded like Jay Dee was in practice and still better than most beat makers at the time. “Dilla” has this genius way of making the most calm and vibing tracks feel like a build up of energy that keeps one’s neck and constant motion. ‘Let’s Take It Back’ is a grand example of this as it starts off the release. ‘Make’em NV’ is another banger where Jay Dee utilizes Fame of M.O.P.’s voice to bring this track’s energy over a “ruff” drum loop. It’s been said by Jay Dee’s family members and close friends that he liked to sing and on this release the audience gets to hear a bit of that on the hypnotic track ‘Nothing Like This.’ With ‘Ruff Draft’ falling under the radar in 2003 it was only right that it was re-released in 2007 after the passing of James Dewitt Yancy in 2006. ‘Ruff Draft’ further shows the world what they took for granted as while Jay Dee was alive, his modus oparandi was to constantly create and elevate his music no matter who was listening. What did you think of the album?

Singles include:
‘Nothing Like This’

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