#rewindreview: Pete Rock ‘Return Of The SP1200’ (2019)


It’s 2019 and why not get a collection of past beats made on an SP1200 from the legendary Pete Rock. After starting the trend of putting out instrumental HOP albums on 2001’s ‘Petestrumentals,’ “PR” knows there is an audience that wants to hear that classic sound from him. On ‘Return Of The SP1200’ the audience will recognize a few familiar tunes of the past that were used, never officially came out, or have recently been resurrected. The Meccalicious heater ‘How You Feel’ is the beat for ‘Hope You World Don’t Stop,’ while we get the instrumental for the Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s ‘Death Becomes You’ off the ‘Menace II Society’ soundtrack. There is also a deep cut, ‘Street Dreams’ which is actually an unreleased Pete Rock remix for Nas’ ‘Street Dreams’ remix, Pete rock only played on a ‘Future Flavas’ show. While the track ‘Kool Jazz’ has been recently used by Paul Wall & Termanology on their track called ‘Recognize My Car.’ The usage of melodic samples and filtered basslines as loops are attributes that have captivated Pete Rock fans for years. This is classic Pete Rock beats and if you are fan of one of the greatest moments in his career, which was the mid to late 1990’s, one will be pleased and taken down a trip of days past. ‘Return Of The SP1200’ is not only a return previous production but a return of a feeling. What did you think of the album?

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