#rewindreview: Wildchild ‘Secondary Protocol’ 2003


In “the year of the Mad,” often referred to as 2003 by many underground HOP heads, we got a slew of Madlib produced or adjacent albums. Wildchild who is one third of the Lootpack along with Madlib and D.J. Romes, tried to satisfy the urge fans were left with, after the debut album from the group ‘Soundpieces: The Antidote.’ Initially it took myself a while to get into this album as The Lootpack record made such an impact but also it was coming to terms that Madlib himself was changing his production style. When you add those two things up, my expectation of what beats I wanted to hear Wildchild over in 2003 felt disappointing. Time passes though and over the years this album has grown on me tremendously. It is more uptempo and a “teaser trailer” for the sound from the West Coast’s most underrated artist and albums that would follow. Wildchild was blessed to know the “Jackson Brothers” which is Oh No and Madlib. A whole album strictly produced by those two are like acquiring Willy Wonka’s golden ticket during the mid to late 2000’s. Wildchild utilize the two to craft a fun yet “edutainment” filled record. There are moments of rapping for the sake of it but a few teachable moments like ‘Kiana’ which is an ode to his daughter and the importance of father’s in the home. The only visual single the ‘Wonder Years’ aims to tell the listener to appreciate and not take for granted the good times we have. ‘Secondary Protocol’ really tries to break the stereotype at the time, that underground hip-hop music was not for partying and always serious and this might have been my original disconnect. Wildchild really created an album that if in a different multi-verse where the music industry uplifted actual music rather than relationships, ‘Secondary Protocol’ would have had tracks in radio and music video rotation. Instead it is still an album for those of us who are fans and for others to discover. What did you think of the album?

Singles include:
‘Wonder Years’ & ‘Knicknack 2002’

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