#rewindreview: Benny The Butcher ‘Everybody Can’t Go’ 2024

  Leading up to the latest album from Benny The Butcher was the anticipation of this being his first Def Jam release and only beats by The Alchemist and Hit-Boy. On paper this looks to be a classic in any year where “record labels” matter. The Alchemist has a specific sound and crowd that he pleases while Hit-Boy’s stock has grown exponentially as a premier beatmaker in the last few years among multiple genres of HOP listeners. While ‘Everybody Can’t Go’ is a solid release and doesn’t leave much room for folks to complain about “Benny” being stuck in one sound, it does not create the effect previous albums have had for the rapper. Benny The Butcher keeps the album to the point and straightforward like he is known to do which is an asset for the M.C. On this album he has a bit more features but they do not feel like they invade the record. Snoop Dogg, Stove God Cook$, Lil’ Wayne, Jadakiss and new comers like Babyface Ray and Peezy make appearances. While also leaving slots to Benny The Butcher’s Griselda and Black Soprano Family members Westside Gunn, Rick Hyde, Armani Caesar and Conway The Machine. Benny provides energetic tracks like ‘BRON,’ ‘Back Again’ and ‘How To Rap’ but there seems to be an underlying feel of something holding this release back. It’s probably just me and still living off the effect of his 2020 album ‘Burden Of Proof,’ cause ‘Everybody Can’t Go’ is not a bad album at all, especially if you are just wanting HOP music with no additives or preservatives. It reminds me of albums released in the year 1997 where many were solid releases but lacked a certain energy but at the same time a few of those albums ended up aging much better over time. Hopefully within that time we all “can go” and appreciate the album more. What did you think of the album? Singles include: ‘Big Dog,’ ‘One Foot In,’ ‘BRON’ & ‘Back Again’ Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide @kpft.org/listen (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following @fanlink.tv/QuantumLeapRadio

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