Battle Rap Weekend: Chrome 23 ‘Cancel Christmas’

If you are new to battle rap or wanting an introduction, this weekend is the right time to dive in as Remy Ma’s Chrome 23 hosts “Cancel Christmas” on Friday Dec 8th. So why should you watch? Battle rap isn’t a cliché event on 106th and Park anymore, or held in a clothing shop in Harlem. Battle Rap has jumped into a higher echelon as companies have put serious money into the culture. Like Caffeine the streaming platform that help catapult battle rap to a bigger payday, and Remy Ma from Terror Squad putting on her own league. The art has also elevated, battlers are now delivering verses with college level dictation and technique. Schemes, double and triple entrendres, ingenious word play, personals and disrespect have culminated in some of the best displays of execution battle rap has ever seen. Chrome 23 grew quickly after launching, initially starting off as an all female league, to hosting Eazy DBC vs Hitman Holla, then the now viral Geechi Gotti vs Eazy EDC. And now the card… Chrome 23 presents Cancel Christmas –  Remy and her team are back quickly with strong card just in time for the end of the year. With only 4 battles on the card, I feel like it will spotlight each of the battles more, and allow people to stay tuned throughout. Here are the matchups and the trailer. Shiest Raw vs Taz –  This all female battle showcases two artists, who have made it through the underbelly of the battle rap community, and they are both from Philly. Shiest Raw had a lot of momentum coming into 2023, off a battle with Jaz, but ran into some medical problem that set her back momentarily.  So this will be the comeback for Shiest. While Taz has been cutting her teeth in the Gutta City – Trenches cards, performing with an aggressive hunger that is evident. This is a great opening battle with two artists ready to prove they can take the next step. QB vs E Hart – Another all female battle, which is sure to be a hard battle. QB just battled Charlie Clips on the roof top and many say she won 3-0. QB is has a balanced approach using clever wordplay, while being methodical and consistent. E Hart has a pen that can cut very sharp and delves into personal schemes. QB has not choked or stumbled in any of her recent events, and has been sharp with her delivery. Charlie Clips vs C3 – So the story of this battle is what Charlie Clips will show up? Will it be the unprepared freestyling Clips or one with three rounds. Charlie is one of the greatest battle rappers, but his year has been on a;most a dozen cards and perhaps it is taking a toll on him. However this is a Harlem vs Queens battle, with C3 fresh off her battle with First Lady Flamez on the last Chrome Card. If C3 comes with 3 solid rounds and Charlie plays with her, it will be another Loss for Clips. Jaz vs Bigg K –  Jaz has had a big year, with debatable battles with Rum Nitty and New Jersey Twork. She has also battled many of the people on this card, and doesn’t have a clear L in recent memory. Jaz takes you by surprise as she has a strong yet smooth delivery and can really shake the room too. She is very well rounded and has shown she is comfortable in her own skin, which makes it hard for opponents to land those big lines or expose her. Bigg K rose slowly through the Rare Breed Entertainment ranks and along the way picked up debatable wins against Award, Yung Ill, Murda Mook, T-Rex, Reed Dollaz and the legendary annihilation of Adi Boom. Bigg K, has a very direct style but manages to weave in entendres and schemes that are multi-layered. Jaz has homefield advantage in New York, but Bigg K cannot be under-estimated as he has only gotten better over the last couple years. The battle is PPV and can be viewed here… read back for a recap next week.    

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