Filmmaker, Writer, and Director; Vega Montanez Hits a “Homerun” with Movie Premiere over the Weekend?!!!

Over the past weekend, I attend to a movie premiere like no other for an independent film, and I must say was highly impressed. The energy was amazing, and just overall you felt the love from the team to the cast members. There’s nothing like a proper rollout that goes well. Especially in the film and entertainment industry. “The Burden Of Nine Lives” definitely was one for the ages in the independent film circuit!!! Review: The film overall gave me a feel of Jason Bourne meets “Fresh” where the character “Jimmy Diaz” (Steven Staine Fernandez) finds himself in a very challenging position in the drug game world, and has to make precise and aggressive decisions along the way. Then there’s the semi-satire connection with the detectives throughout the movie played by Pete Maddocks and Andersson Tejeda who do their all to finally get to the resolution of it all. Alysha Wright (Actress/Producer) played a key and substantial role as a Doctor who the detectives were giving a hard time, but still held her ground.   Definitely the acting on the film was solid, and believable.  Also, the tone of the film will have you wondering “WTF” has Jimmy done? The action in the film was unique and dope. Check Out the Interview with Director; Vega Montanez       Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ Merch Store: For Guest Appearance, or Questions:   

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