#rewindreview: Horror City ‘Rose From The Crypt’ EP 2020

  Superstar MC of Horror City did not allow the pandemic to stop his output of music nor from allowing the “Horror City” name to die. In 2020 he linked with the “remix king” MiLKCRATE, to produce a “headnoding” release ‘Rose Form The Crypt.’ This eight song release allows Superstar MC to get loose over some beats that don’t necessarily coincide with the very dark album cover the EP portrays. MiLKCRATE is known for his very vibrant tracks and they work well with Superstar MC’s voice. In keeping with the theme of “Horror City,” Superstar’s lyrics match the album cover and title with gritty tales and some dark themes. It is a safe release that doesn’t move the needle but also provides about thirty minutes in one’s day to vibe out. Where the release could be better is with Superstar MC, as his delivery of rhymes can seem jumbled and his vocals could have been mixed better, or a couple of takes to make sure words did not seem forced into certain bars. This can often happen to veterans who have been playing the game as long as Horror City but it’s a treat knowing there is still effort to provide “truschool” HOP music to an underserved demographic of listeners. What did you think of the album? Singles include: ‘Vibin’ Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide @kpft.org/listen/ & TuneIn app (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following @fanlink.to/QuantumLeapRadio

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