Glasses Malone Dares Cancel Culture with Cancel Deeez Nutz

There was a time and era where West coast ruled the airwaves, where you would hear Dr.Dre, Ice Cube or Snoop oozing out of speakers everywhere and wonky synth leads over G-Funk hooks were the standard. Glasses Malone latest project Cancel Deeez Nutz provides that feeling again and also transports listeners to L.A. with a cohesive backdrop of well produced music.  The name of the project perfectly personifies the content, as Glasses forces us in the old school through LA hoods in 2023. Kicking the door with the title track “Cancel Deeez Nutz,” which sets the bar for what some will deem offensive material in the era of cancel culture. Glasses dares them with memorable assistance by the L.A. Giantz who raps “I believe Kathleen is still a man/ RKelly Music turned up I’m still a fan,” over staccato string stabs. The rapper delivers with an authentic proud middle finger to the cancel culture on certain topics with songs like “Kanye Should Have Married (That Bitch),” and “Sum VI Bitchez.” Malone gives listeners a little bit of everything with lyrical hip-hop driven joints like “21’ Stimy Flow” and “Tha Loc,” while taking listeners on a California journey with songs like“ My Nyk Cortez,” and “Palm Trees and Roses.” The most notable of these, the ode to one of his favorite hood food spots with “Jim Dandy’s.” The song opens with a pimpish interpolation of Cameo’s “Candy,” as Glasses flips a classic Snoop line while telling us about the treacherous route just to get there. The second verse delivers a play by play scenario of the game of life or death for some chicken, but the song delivers shiny and glistening like a delicious chicken wing; undeniable. The real treats of this project are “Us” and “Tale of Whitney’s Plug.” The foremost song is introduced with a clip from Cedric the Entertainer from the movie Be Cool, before diving into a classic Westcoast beat, featuring Joey Westside. This track is a flag of Black pride and celebration of the Black influence. Delivering with deep striking passion, over fly production that maintains the Westcoast cool vibe at the same time.  The latter is an interesting journey, not only sonically but the bars as well. The cranky voice of Samuel L. Jackson’s character Stephen from DJango Unchained quickly enters, before cutting into a surprisingly cut sample. Glasses paints the scene purposefully and methodically, while laying out the dope game in story form over another banger by producer E.P. Who noticeably does an impeccable job of creating a cohesive and consistent high-level of production throughout the project.  The project delivers well for the seasoned MC, even the outro track “Walk Off” slaps, with assistance from Kokane. Glasses gives proper salutes and tributes to Battlecat, Dsmoke, and other collaborators over a thumping jawn.  Although the project is thorough and consistent, it is also polarizing. This is not something you play for everyone, but Glasses draws his line in the sand with no apologies. Those who rock with it are provided with endless C-Walking material and funky slaps.  Favorite Song: “Tale of Whitney’s Plug” Least Favorite Song – Undecided, there’s not really an un-listenable song.  Rating 8.0/10

Jeezy Maintains Consistency with New Album

  Jeezy may have dropped the Young from his moniker a few years ago, but has maintained the signature sound and adlibs that broke him into the industry with his latest effort I Might Forgive… but I Don’t Forget. In addition to the familiar adlibs of “haha”‘s and the occasional “let’s get it,” The Snowman has shown a bit of growth in his content. Songs like “Don’t Cheat” which claims real men don’t cheat and “Delusional” in which he raps about surviving the street life to leave it.  Keeping it true to his classic sound on tracks like “I Might Forgive”, “My Name” and “Shine On.”  The beginning of the album is dominated by producer Ricky Polo who does his best Trap or Die impersonations, with trappy leads and deep sub bass, certain to please the slab riders with bass for the system.  The second half is dominated by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League who diversifies the sound a bit with tracks like “If I’m Being Honest,” “Titanic” and “Expectations.” Their use of timely samples, raucous intros and interesting percussion is what changes the tone of the project just enough. The project is 29 tracks deep, which seems a bit lengthy for this era and tends to drag on a little too long. Jeezy raps about his typical content of drug tales and thug type references, while showing maturity talking about real estate, relationships and the responsibilities of a legal businessman.  For the loyal Jeezy fan, this project will more than fill their appetites, however it will do very little to draw in new younger fans. Jeezy has found a formula that works and doesn’t stray very far from it.  Favorite Track – “Shine On” Least favorite track – “Nothing to Prove” Album rating 6/10

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Famous Record Pool Digiwaxx Celebrates 25 Years and Confirms New Digiwaxx Latino Division

Digiwaxx, the renowned record pool, proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary in the music culture and reveals a significant expansion plan into hyper-focused divisions. The inaugural division to be unveiled is Digiwaxx Latino, which seeks to cater to the immense influence and extensive global presence of the Latino community in the music industry. Heading this exciting endeavor is Brian “Essince” Collins, a distinguished professional with an illustrious career that spans across international markets, particularly in Latin America. A native of Honduras, Essince has played a pivotal role in launching promising artists and collaborating with diverse clients worldwide. As the world joyfully celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip-hop this year, Digiwaxx takes immense pride in its own remarkable milestone of 25 years in the hip-hop scene. Throughout its journey, Digiwaxx has meticulously curated one of the most esteemed record pools, while wholeheartedly supporting the culture through an array of initiatives. From exclusive events held nationwide to the renowned Digiwaxx calls featuring industry giants as guests, Digiwaxx continues to flourish, propelled by the unwavering support of the hip-hop community and the dedication of its founder, Corey “CL” Llewellyn. The brand’s impeccable reputation precedes it, facilitating connections between artists, DJs, and platforms on a global scale. Corey “CL” Llewellyn expressed his excitement about the addition of Digiwaxx Latino to the Digiwaxx family, emphasizing the desire to create specialized divisions focused on various music genres and cultures. He further praised the choice of Brian “Essince” Collins to spearhead the Digiwaxx Latino division, citing his professionalism and successful track record on both national and international levels. The newly established Digiwaxx Latino division will showcase an array of Latin music playlists, exclusive content, and interviews, providing a platform for Latin artists, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. Essince shared his personal journey with Digiwaxx, recounting how he had been introduced to the platform during his early days in the industry, monitoring Digiwaxx submissions for a New York label. He expressed his delight in being able to leverage this influential platform to highlight the remarkable talent and growth of Latino artists, an aspiration he has held for a significant period. Over the past 25 years, Digiwaxx has been a driving force in promoting and nurturing countless gifted artists. The brand attributes its continued relevance to the unwavering support of numerous DJs, industry professionals, devoted fans, and its own hardworking team. As they celebrate this momentous year, Digiwaxx looks back at those who doubted the longevity of hip-hop, proving them unequivocally wrong. For more information on Digiwaxx and its initiatives, please visit or contact And Follow us on all platforms: @Digiwaxx About Digiwaxx: Digiwaxx is a prestigious record pool that has played a vital role in the music industry for 25 years. With an unwavering commitment to supporting artists and the culture, Digiwaxx continues to thrive, connecting talents with DJs and platforms worldwide.

DeShaunJay – Only

Hailing from Bolton, NC but now calls San Antonio, TX home, DeShaunJay is a very diverse, talented rising star in the music industry who’s love for music began at a very young age. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of hip-hop & real rap music, DeShaun always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry & his distinctive studio work ethic alone proves he’s an artist to take seriously. He has been honing his craft ever since. DeShaun made a name for himself in 2014 when he founded the Flourish Gang; from which he’s released several successful projects, including the highly anticipated Phone Calls 4 which dropped in early 2023. In 2021 he was elected as Brand Ambassador for MVP Vibes gaining the attention of some Major industry DJ’s & Tastemakers across the country. Landing a spot on Dominican Jay’s Shade45 radio playlist DeShaunJay’s new single “Only” has begun to gain some momentous traction as it gains its well earned placement onto honorable DJ’s radio shows, Playlists, Blog mentions & more. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, DeshaunJay makes a strong statement on his latest offering as he delivers laced lyricism made up of monetary value. Press play on the trending track “Only” below & Keep a watchful eye on DeshaunJay as he continues to captivate REAL music devotee’s with his astonishing musical greatness.

Vic Mensa “VICTOR”- ious with Album Release at New Paper Planes Store!!!!

The fun don’t stop with Reemo Meerak He embarks on another top level event in NYC, this time with RocNation artist; Vic Mensa The latest project; “Victor” (On All Streaming Platforms) released in September 2023 (4Q) Vic Mensa and the RocNation team had a Meet and Greet at the brand new Paper Planes store located in Soho, NYC and definitely his fans came to support the event, as well as you know The Social Dw33b of Hip Hop got the exclusive interview with the man of the hour!!!!! Follow me on Social Media: @reemomeerak_  For Booking Interviews, or Questions: Merch Store: “It’s Hands OVA THE EYESSSSSSSS, IT’S THA 2 up!!!!” #ReemoApproved

Is Drake Ushering In A New Era With The Release Of His Eighth Studio Album, Titled “For All the Dogs”?

After months of eager anticipation from his fans, prolific Canadian artist Drake has officially dropped his eighth studio album, titled “For All the Dogs.” Previously, the acclaimed rapper had teased his social media followers with the promise of a release last month, only to face an unexpected delay, the reasons for which remained undisclosed. However, on Friday, October 6, the album finally graced streaming platforms. Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, excitedly shared the news with his dedicated fan base through an Instagram post, featuring a striking picture of himself. “FOR ALL THE DOGS IS YOURS NOW,” he captioned his post, accompanied by a spotted dog emoji. Spanning an impressive 23 tracks, Drake’s latest album boasts a runtime of one hour and 24 minutes, solidifying its position as one of his lengthiest releases to date. This year, Drake has made guest appearances on songs by fellow rappers like J Hus, Central Cee, Young Thug, and Travis Scott. In his illustrious career, Drake has achieved a total of 12 Billboard No. 1 albums. Among these, two stand out from last year: “Honestly, Nevermind,” which delved into dance music and dropped in June, and “Her Loss,” a rap-centric project featuring 21 Savage, released in November. The question remains on whether it’s time for Drake to take a break, or will he be ushering in a new era with this album? In a recent candid interview, Drake has made it clear that his health is now his top priority. During an episode of the show “Table for One” on SiriusXM’s Sound 42, Drake announced that he will be taking a break from music to address health concerns that have been troubling him. Drake opened up about the “craziest problems” he’s been experiencing with his stomach, which have prompted him to make the decision to go on hiatus for what he estimates could be “maybe a year.” In a recent statement Drake said “I probably won’t make music for a little bit. I’m gonna be honest,” he confessed on the show. “I got some other things I need to do for some other people that I made promises to, but I probably won’t make music for a little bit. I’m gonna be real with you. I need to focus on my health first and foremost and I’ll talk about that soon enough.” Drake is undoubtedly deserving of a well-earned respite. In a span of less than two decades, he has shattered numerous longstanding records on Billboard’s charts, and he shows no signs of slowing down. At present, he holds the record for the Hottest 100 hits among all artists, boasting an impressive 299 entries on the chart, which includes an astounding dozen No. 1 hits and an unprecedented 70 top 10 placements. Additionally, he has achieved the remarkable feat of charting 12 No. 1 albums, and it appears that he’s on the brink of adding yet another to his already impressive list of accomplishments. “Drake releases new album For All the Dogs: Tracklist, features and everything we know”. October 6, 2023.October 6, 2023. Drake is taking a break from music: “I’ve been having the craziest problems for years with my stomach”. October 6, 2023. October 6, 2023

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