#rewindreview: Alcynoos, Parental & Loop.Holes ‘Rewind’ 2023

  This album truly touches the HOP audience familiar with instrumental releases from Alcynoos, Parental and Loop.Holes as individuals and as a collective. All three are from overseas with Alcynoos and Parental from France and the Loop.Holes crew from Norway. They team up to deliver a cool out album with a collection of some of the best M.C.’s in the past twenty years. ‘Rewind’ does exactly as it’s title and takes the listener back to a familiar sound of jazzy beats and rapping. ‘Belafonte’ featuring Ill Conscious, Venomous 2000 and Debonair P is the best example of what to expect on this album. ‘Rewind’ not only focuses on rapping and beats but also allows the element of D.J.’ing in HOP music to be focused on too. There is also a “who’s who” of names on this album if you really know your HOP music beneath the surface. Yancy Boys who consist of Jay Dee a.k.a. J-Dilla’s brother Illa J. and Frank Nitt have one of my favorite tracks on here called ‘Stocks Up.’ It’s moody, it’s chill and metaphorically puts life’s ills into a description of the Stock Markets movements. Alcynoos, Parental & Loop.Holes make sure that the audience is engaged on ‘Rewind’ and that the M.C.’s voices are just as an important instrument as the ones they used to craft ‘Rewind.’ What did you think of the album? Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide @kpft.org/listen/ & TuneIn app (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following @fanlink.to/QuantumLeapRadio

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