#rewindreview: Quanstar & Poe Mack ‘Big Boy Barred Up’ 2023

Quanstar is a friend of QUANTUM LEAP RADIO and remains so due to the solid music he continues to provide us. On this sonic trip he teams up with producer/M.C. Poe Mack who has worked with the likes of Cesar Comanche and others on the current “underwater” HOP music scene. The two keep ‘Big Boy Barred Up’ simple with only twelve tracks and two features while Poe Mack ensures Quanstar is provided a musical backdrop that can’t be described as “retro.” Quanstar is comfortable in his lane of providing lyricism that doesn’t aim to compete with the youth, instead relating to ears that can appreciate “grown man raps.” ‘Act Like Bosses’ speaks to the new age of “wannabees” who get so inspired by negative aspects of rap music that they begin to believe they are in fact built for those aspects. Something that as of this date of writing can be applied to very well known figures in HOP music. ‘Plugged In’ is also a stand out track, as an examination of the effect social media has on human’s thinking they are so smart we end up falling for anything, even our own lies to one selves. ‘Big Boy Barred Up’ is an excellent introduction to Quanstar and Poe Mack if one has never heard either of their offerings of music. More importantly another example of how HOP music will continue to produce for all those still interested in this ever aging genre. What did you think of the album?

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