#rewindreview: The Micranots ‘Return Of The Travellahs’ (1996)


The 2000’s decade saw a lot of independent releases as full albums and not just 12 inch vinyl singles. The ability to create a distribute whole albums was much easier than it was in the previous decade. This caused many artist like J-Live, Nas, Juggaknots to name a few, to release previous works that were never available on Compact Disc format. The Micranots who were a two man group out of Minneapolis M.N. made a mark with their ‘Obelisk Movements’ album from the year 2000, so it was simple mathematics for them to capitalize on the fans they had gathered from that release and provide those fans with what they might have missed. ‘Return Of The Travellahs’ was the debut album from The Micranots but this was only available on cassette tape so if you were not a day one fan of the group or possibly in the studio with them creating this, it was more than likely missed. Re-released on CD in the year 2003, listeners got to hear the progression in the groups creativity as compared to later releases. The songs seem to be recorded between at least 1994 through 1996. I Self Divine who is the M.C. of the group drops a few gems on these songs but for the most part it is a “freestyle” of ideas and rhymes. Kool Akiem Allah provides the beats which carry the classic sound of the mid-1990’s, taking the listeners on a journey of that time in HOP music. This album is really for collectors and true fans of The Micranots. It might not serve to create new listeners as one would have to understand the challenges it took to put out music in a pre-easy accessible, internet world. For those that need something to bop your head to on a fall Saturday, this one’s for you. What did you think of the album?

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