Will “Tale Of The Tape” be good enough to BUY OR RENT on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video: “Tale Of The Tape” Review

Written & Directed by Malik K. Buie

Executive Producer; Kim Osorio

Executive Producer; Rashad Casey 

Producer; Joslyn Rose Lyons 

Hey #MyCreatives,

Whoooooooooo what a few weeks of HIP HOP. From J. Cole bowing out spiritually and respectfully, Chris Brown smoking the dust pedals off of Quavo with his bars, and DRAKE vs KENDRICK Battle getting more intense as the weeks go on. Now onto the ordeal at hand that’s rather is sparking the question, “Will This Documentary help support the DJ Community”.

The documentary at hand, called “Tale Of The Tape”.

The documentary is an exclusive Buy ($7.99USD) or Rent (Up To 30 days for $4.99USD) on Amazon Prime Video.

I will breakdown and review the GOOD, BAD, and #ReemoApproved of this documentary.

The GOOD: 

I will admit this was a solid and substantially researched documentary. The testimonies from Today & Older generation DJ’s and Music artists really giving props and honoring the impact of mixtapes. I feel they meshed the emotional and intellectual tie of the documentary of the culture. Honestly, can’t see too much of a “BAD”.

The BAD: 

I don’t think this is a documentary for the Hip Hop Culture Purists. This is more for the Fan who was of the mid 80’s to Mid 2010’s (Where Mixtapes got pushed away due to streaming) that lived through the emergence and impactful movement during those times. The video content seems “Dated” but the stories are still epic. Also, they should’ve broke it up to a series like “Hip Hop Evolution” (Netflix) did by regions would suffice the Hip Hop purist. 

The #ReemoApproved 

Honestly, there shouldn’t be any complaints past breaking it up by regions instead of seemingly the North, despite the one time with DJ Drama from Atlanta(By way of Philly). Also, it was debuting on Amazon Prime so they collectively had to put the best figures that are going to draw engagement and the dollars back to profit….end all be all this is still a business.

For me as a semi-historian of Hip Hop, very entertaining and pleased of what was presented.

Salute to Malik K. Brie, Kim Osorio, Rashad Casey, and Joslyn Rose Lyons for putting the documentary together. 


In conclusion, “Tale Of The Tape” on Amazon Prime Video delivers a gripping narrative that seamlessly intertwines the worlds of Mixtapes & Music within the Hip Hop Culture. With its compelling figures of Hip Hop, nuanced storytelling, and powerful testimonies, it immerses viewers into the impact and intensity of the movement while exploring deeper themes of business growth and resilience in Hip Hop Culture. Coupled with its high production values and authentic portrayal of the Hip Hop,          “Tale Of The Tape” emerges as a semi-must watch for both Hip Hop enthusiasts and fans who want to relive of those times.

As per usual, ON TO THE NEXT #MyCreatives



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