#rewindreview: Eleven & Jason D ‘Carefully Crafted’ 2022

The idea of “Hip-Hop is dead” comes from a place of despair, with a bit of warning but many subconsciously are still waiting on mainstream avenues to correct their capitalistic model. That last part being the most hypocritical mindstate, a person who wants to hear the grassroots of HOP music could have. Reason being, there’s always a place to find what you are looking for but one has to not depend on everyone else’s attention span matching theirs to support or give a chance to lesser known acts in rap music. ‘Carefully Crafted’ from the M.C. Eleven and D.J./producer Jason D is a natural callback to the basics of HOP music. For those old enough to remember first hearing Jurassic 5 in the late 1990’s, it was apparent that their mission was to carry on traditional rap music but also was a huge part of the character and identity of the group. Eleven & Jason D do not seem as though this is their “gimmick” as oppose to just the type of music they make. Eleven’s style of rap is reminiscent of the early 1990’s while Jason D’s beats have the DNA of what made D.J. Premier so successful over the years. The two have “crafted” a time capsule that might not impress many younger ears or even older ears who feel this isn’t something they haven’t heard before. It is however more proof that those who came through a time when HOP music felt more authentic, are still able to service listeners who want to at least feel that authenticity for their listening pleasure. What did you think of the album?

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