Who Are The Best Independent Hip Hop Artists Of New York From 2021 until 2Q 2024?!!!!


Have we forgot where the “Mecca” of Hip Hop started?!!!

The answer to the question above is; The Bronx but for sake of using the word “Mecca” and of course the GARDEN is pivotal of letting you know you’re in NEW YORK!!!

Apologies #MyCreatives, your Neighborhood #RugerSprayyyyyer was on the IR with a major injury (Since the Tierra Whack Listening Party), and God’s way of telling “Reemo Your Wildin’ Out….RELAX!!!”

So during this time off, a rather interesting topic surfaced on an Independent Hip Hop Artist’s Social Media Page asking the question   Who’s The Big 3 of Independent Scene?”. Derived from what occurred in Hip Hop which J.Cole mentions about the “Big 3” and it lead to a butterfly effect of massive “Diss Tracks”, and the Top Tier artists coming out with massive content, and songs all over the Hip Hop scene. Now juuuuuuu’already know to even compile a list like that would take some time, and serious effort from multiple people. I’m only one man here folks and ladies. I’m in my bed pondering what type of article could I make of this. Then, it hit me “Who Are The Current Top Independent Artists of NEW YORK?!!”, as well as “How many Years are we Covering?!!!”, “What’s The Criteria?!!” and ETC.

This article will display of such, and truly hope the reader understands what’s taking place here.

Also, no disrespect or dismissing of anyone who is an Independent Hip Hop Artist all over the world.


Main Focus:

The list was derived from a Social Media post an independent artist posted asking “Who’s The Big 3 of the Independent Scene”. I was highly intrigued of how that would be achieved, and “Who would be on that type of pedigree?”.

Honestly, too many independent artists in the world to compile down to Top 3 artists. So I figured, “Why not speak of the Top Independent Artists of New York?!!!!!”. I’ve pretty much covered or interviewed a vast majority within my media career, and encountered of their skill set improving over the years.

The list is to highlight and give flowers to the artists who’ve made it possible and represented New York to the best of their talents and abilities. Each part of NY matters, as well as putting together a list of figures whom made it their mission and passion to display their skills. I wanted to meet the challenge of putting a list together, and did due diligence to be fair, and researched the artists (Some assistance from well hardworking Media Colleagues in the New York Hip Hop Media Space is noted as well).

Overall this list is of an objective view, and things that occurred for the artists named on the list within the years of 2021 until now (2nd Quarter 2024).



  • Impact the Last 3 years Since Post Pandemic (2021 to 2nd Quarter 2024)
  • Relevance (Known and Heard Throughout the STATE)
  • Headline or Featured on Shows (Major Festivals, Concerts, or Events)
  • Media Publication Appearances for Music “Hot Streak” (Major Platforms, Podcast, & ETC)
  • Multiple Plays on Radio or Network
  • Skills (Bars, Flow, Story, & Creativity)
  • Consistency (Not just One Year Here & there)
  • Performance Energy
  • Potent Music
  • Tracks that caught a big wave, and moved heavily amongst NY.
  • Major Features or have Collab with Mainstream Hitters on Tracks
  • Sales, Followers, Engagement, or Friendship have nothing do to with selection

**** On label, but their consistent contributions within the NY Independent Scene

*** Recently Independent amongst the timeline of 2021 until 2Q 2024

(Honorary Pick) – Despite signed or recently Independent, their impact alone for the state lead to their success, or for that matter empowered many.




(No Particular Order)


Eddie Kaine



She-Real (Harlem)


38 Spesh

Lazaris The Top Don






Kony Brooks

Bakeman Global

D Dave

Dyce Pesos


Rome Streetz

Steph G

Haddy Racks

Fab Tha Don

Iman Nunez

Cash Cobain

Zeddy Will

M Dot Porter

Flowboy Duece

Toni Steelz

Molly McCoy

Genny Genn


Ron Suno

Neek Bucks

Kyah Baby

Warren Wint

Billboard Baby



Timeless Biz

Joe West

Zay The Profit

Sig Tha Trig (Signature)

Johnnie Floss

Diany Dior

Sunny So Fancy

Rich P

Solo Jones

TDI Muzik


Sluggo Da Don

Ricky Bats

Billy B (Female Artist)

Maiya Tha Don

Stunna Dior

Nani Blanco Decapo


Jae Skeese

Math Hoffa

Oun P


Chow Lee


RTM Sway

Leigh Paris

Nik Moody

BHCG (Group): Earn Dinero, Scrilla Scambino, Sugar Hill Prophet, Well Made Choice, Mack Wyatt, and Cane Green

Miah Kenzo

YNVS Conan

Keen Streetz


Nino Man

Frank Knight

Euro Solomon

Josh Jacobs

Fergie Baby

Chuck Platinum (HONORARY PICK)


Lola Brooke**** (HONORARY PICK)

Benny The Butcher**** (HONORARY PICK)

Westside Gunn*** (HONORARY PICK)


Jim Jones **** (HONORARY PICK)



I did my best to compile of this list, as well as being from New York for a very long time. Also, with some assistance from a few of my colleagues in the Hip Hop Media space. Highlighting the artist felt as a right thing to do, as well as accepting the challenge of putting the list together, and to really show my appreciation to figures who really made valuable contributions on the strength of their own to putting together teams to assist their success. The “Independent” moniker is not to claim as stamp of approval within Hip Hop culture but more so to be taken as an achievement of the journeys the figures mentioned have endured within it.

Nonetheless, some may feel New York is losing its “footing” in the culture, but make no mistake the artists are continuing their efforts to make their presence known.

End all be all, what’s considered “LOST” only means there’s opportunities to GAIN it right back again!!!

As per usual, “ON TO THE NEXT!!!” #MyCreatives

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