Urban Vegan Roots Delights the Palate with “Off The Menu” NIGHT IN NYC!!!!!

Can Urban Vegan Roots “shake the table” in 2024 within the Vegan Community?

In the heart of the bustling city, Urban Vegan Roots stands tall as a haven for plant-based enthusiasts and curious foodies alike. This hidden gem seamlessly combines the vibrancy of urban life with the wholesome goodness of vegan cuisine. Also, in prime Astoria, Queens is where the owner; David Tianga selected to serve the community with a delicious array of vegan food.

Courtesy of Miles “Hollyhood” Casso; a dope’ness of a host and really kept the patron entertained, and happily enjoying the night.

I figured, ‘Hey, Why not give the restaurant a #ReemoApproved Review”

Owner; David Tianga

“Off The Menu Night” is a one time monthly event where you get an Appetizer, Main Course(Depending Upon what they select), and Dessert with Drink Selections.

Upon entering, the ambiance is inviting, with a modern and eco-friendly decor that mirrors the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability. The menu is a testament to creativity, offering a diverse array of dishes that go beyond the clichés of vegan dining.

Cooking your delightful food is Chef Jimmy, who definitely is spot on with his mastery.

One standout appetizer for the start is the Seitan Caldo. A delicious order with spice broth, potato, carrot, corn, and seitan (plant-based meat substitute made from wheat gluten) that really hits you to think, “Yo…..This Can’t Be Vegan”.

For the main course, the Jackfruit Stuffed Maduro steals the spotlight. The delicious layered appetizer gives way to a sweet plantain with roasted jackfruit, vertage mozzarella, pico, and cilantro mint sauce.

The dish is hearty, satisfying, and a testament to Urban Vegan Roots’ commitment to elevating vegan dining to new heights.

Dessert at Urban Vegan Roots is a sweet symphony of flavors.

The Orange Tart surprises the taste buds with its soft texture and decadent taste, with the graham cracker like crust, proving that vegan desserts can be just as indulgent as their non-vegan counterparts.

Hip Hop ambiance from the art on the walls to the classic vinyl albums, and the DJ playing the great hits while you eat the delicious vegan food.

Then their drinks menu goes well with the food, as well as adds onto the Vibe and a very good date spot.

What truly sets Urban Vegan Roots apart is its dedication to using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Each dish is a celebration of fresh produce, expertly crafted to showcase the potential of plant-based dining. The attentive and knowledgeable staff adds to the overall positive dining experience, making patrons feel like they’re part of a community that values health and sustainability.

In conclusion, Urban Vegan Roots is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey that challenges preconceptions about vegan cuisine. From innovative appetizers to soul-satisfying mains and delectable desserts, this establishment is a testament to the exciting possibilities within the world of plant-based dining. Whether you’re a committed vegan or a curious omnivore, Urban Vegan Roots promises a memorable dining experience that transcends dietary preferences and leaves you craving more. Not too far way from the city, or if you are flying into town; Urban Vegan Roots and it’s “Off The Menu” event is a #REEMOAPPROVED.

If you want to be a guest of their next “Off The Menu” event which is this Monday, April 29th from 6-10PM….Contact Miles via Dm on Instagram for Reservations or Urban Vegan Roots main page.

As per usual, “ON TO THE NEXT!!!” #MyCreatives


The flick’it up with Owner; David and Host; Miles

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