#rewindreview: Nems ‘Rise Of The Silverback’ 2023


The hustle that Nems has been on spans about twenty years from features with D12, to the battle rap scene but where the New York rapper hit his stride was his online videos. The videos find Nems going up to random people on the street and joking on who they look like while ending the joke with “don’t ever disrespect me.” It looks like the most New York attitude one could receive in that city but Nems has a way of making the joke work. Never to be lost in the fake world of social media, Nems is actually a very down to Earth person who still believes that rapping is the mission. ‘Rise Of The Silverback’ is just the release to not only remind people he isn’t just an online personality but that he will (by his own words) slap the sh!t out you, proverbially on record of course… This is a HOP album that truly takes listeners back to a time of the sound of New York rap while still not sounding like it comes from the 1980’s or 1990’s. Scram Jones produces the album and provided Nems with a diverse number of beats to ensure the music isn’t monotonous. There are a couple of moments that get “nervous” for one not wanting to hear current music in their HOP listening like on ‘Demon’ and ‘Blickey, but the good thing about ‘Rise Of The Silverback’ is it keeps focus for a solid thirty-five minute runtime. Nems clearly comes from the school of “hardcore hip-hop” and one might notice his aesthetic is similar to an early Fat Joe. He reminds me more of the Non-Phixion section of the HOP where ‘non-blacks” create music that represent their environment but still have an identity that doesn’t stray into making a caricature of Hip-Hop culture. “Hide your kids ya’ll..,” because Nems curses on this album like it’s the year 1993 which creates a subtle nostalgia to the record that also comes with features from Sheek Louch, Fat Joe, Gunplay, Ghostface Killah, Tish Hyman and Peedi Crack. With only thirteen tracks you would think these featured talents overshadow Nems but instead the “Fuc& Your Life” rapper’s presence is never forgotten. In time Nems will evolve his content more and that is present on the track ‘Keep On’ where we find the most introspective rhymes from Nems running down his hustle to get from “A to B.” ‘Rise Of The Silverback’ might not be for everyone but it does break a stereotype that battle rappers can’t create a solid rap record. What did you think of the album?

Singles include:
‘Don’t Ever Disrespect Me,’ ‘Drip,’ ‘Blicky,’ & ‘Keep On’

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