Unpopular Opinion vs Dismissing The Message: Stephen A. Smith or Rashad McCants

Rashad McCants vs SAS (Stephen A. Smith) is rather ironic at best because it’s two people whom people dislike overall of their upfront takes but their messages get misconstrued of the person themselves because of such within the Sports Media world of Today.

The spark of their back and forth over the Internet derived from a take on Stephen A. Smith Podcast where he made the claim that “Kobe Bryant isn’t the 2nd Greatest Basketball Player of all-time”.

Rashad “Clap-Back” on Gil’s Arena to rebuttal against that claim, but took to things rather “Too Defensive” in some eyes. He felt, SAS was decimating Kobe’s overall legacy with that claim. Along with he never would or did such when the NBA Legend was alive.

For Stephen A. Smith, there are times people may not like his takes but, can’t say he’s never upfront with sports topics or his knowledge is never on display, as well as he holds back of such. Oftentimes, it’s misconstrued by dislike of his takes as a Sports Journalist and Media Personality vs the actual person. Stephen A. Smith is like a “Professional Sniper”, who just gets the job done, and quite frankly doesn’t care for the emotions until after it’s all said and done. Also, has a humorous, and entertaining element to his craft. You can’t blame him or have a heavy distain upon him for that. If such were the case, then ESPN would’ve released him like they did previously in his career. He’s the “Cash Cow” for the network, and he’s been the most consistent sports analyst/figure the network as had since God rest his soul; Stuart Scott.

Rashad McCants may seem “off the chart” with his takes on Gil’s platform; but he speaks entirely off of a Player’s preference mindset and rightfully so being a former Professional Athlete, as well as he’s highly passionate about it. The only thing is, his personality is brewing towards being “Unlikeable” and that’s where things get unfortunately tricky and convoluted as to if he’s just talking out his “Ass”. Also, gets highly dismissed because his career wasn’t considered or respected as such to make claims or sports takes of that caliber. End all be all, he’s a figure and element on the platform that adds onto the litany of edge that the Gil’s Arena platform requires. Face it folks, he’s not going anywhere.

Say what you want or feel, but I really wish when it comes to hearing the “Ugly Truth” from them, or anyone in Sports Media just minus your feelings and could we just GROW UP!!!!. “Ugly Takes” or “Unpopular Opinions” are in Sports Topics for a reason, to inflict a difference amongst people who don’t think the same or don’t feel to “fluff”around in conversation. Sports Topics in its entirety are going to have that “Hero vs Villain” effect because of the personality you’re coming to grow, and become a fan of. Should it be as high of a “Popularity Contest” to not have in conversation? NO!!!.

What if everyone agreed, then it would be BORING AF!!!! (Apologies for the children reading at home…lol). Who’s going to watch that? What ratings are coming in, or streaming numbers? There’s going to be a debate regardless of Sports Topics, but dismissing Opinions or claiming a person is willingly disrespecting towards a legacy just because of not liking the person is a reach.

YES, there’s Opinion but in today’s society it counts only for who’s liked the MOST, and for that it’s UNFAIR.

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