#RewindReview: SWURVHITTZ & Budda Early ‘As We Continue On’ EP 2023

  In the next collaboration with Bronx born and bred D.J. SWURVHITTZ and Budda Early, an appetizer is served for those who never heard of them and a possible holdover for a future release. ‘As We Continue On’ is a follow up to 2021’s ‘Religion’ EP but lacks the grounded effort that record had. This […]

#rewindreview: Mickey Blue ‘A Long Time Coming’ 2023

  This is another benefit of QUANTUM LEAP RADIO and the rap music acts we get introduced to. Mickey Blue is a beatmaker who has taken that dynamic first seen on Marley Marl’s ‘In Control Vol.1,’ and procured multiple M.C.’s to rhyme over the producer’s beats. Often this can feel like a compilation album but […]

#rewindreview: Teflon ‘2 Sides To Every Story’ 2023

  Teflon, the unofficial third member of M.O.P. took full advantage of the time we all “sat down” during the Pandemic, to plot a comeback. The rapper appeared on many features for M.O.P. and the Gang Starr family in the 1990’s and also put out an album of his own then. ‘2 Sides To Every […]

#rewindreview: Showbiz & A.G. ‘Runaway Slave’ 1992

  Growing up my interest in HOP music came from the benefit of cable television. This didn’t mean that I grew up in a rich home by any means but that cable was cheap enough to have during certain times in those years. A period that was missed for me was late 1992 thru about […]

#rewindreview: Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P) ‘Run The Jewels’ 2013

  I could never imagine in 1998 that while listening to Company Flow’s ‘Funcrusher Plus’ and Outkast ‘Aquemini,’ that I would ever hear El-P and Big Boi rapping on the same track. This has been the legacy of Run The Jewels, which is providing the most amalgamated circumstances to all of us who were listening […]

#rewindreview: Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P) ‘Run The Jewels 3’ 2016

  As a Christmas gift for a world who would now see a clown as the leader of the “free world,” Run The Jewels activated one more release before the end of the 2010’s. ‘Run The Jewels 3’ felt like a much darker album from the previous releases, if one could differentiate the music with […]

#rewindreview: Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P) ‘Run The Jewels 2’ 2014

  In the third collaboration for El-P and Killer Mike the duo find themselves caught in an unexpected cultural phenomenon. With the success of the first ‘Run The Jewels’ album the critical response among new fans and a younger generation looking for more than the average top 40 radio sounds, “RTJ” become the new anti-establishment […]

#rewindreview: Jay Dee a.k.a. J-Dilla ‘Ruff Draft’ EP 2003

  During the days of Jay Dee’s life, when he was still under utilized by the music industry and the “Dilla changed my life” audience thought “Jay Dee” was a misspelling of Jermaine Dupri, the Detroit native was dropping solo music that barely saw the light of day. ‘Ruff Draft’ was an EP that was […]

#rewindreview: Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P) ‘RTJ4’ 2020

  Since 2012’s ‘R.A.P. Music’ from Killer Mike, his collaboration with El-P has always been a prime example of the “odd couple” in HOP music. ‘RTJ4’ marks the fifth collaboration album the two have done and for me personally is a favorite out of their Run The Jewels series. What makes this album stand out […]

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