Ghostface celebrates Set the Tone album and his birthday in New York City

  Ghostface Killah celebrated his birthday and premiered his new album Set the Tone (Guns & Roses), at the same damn time last night at Republic Records in New York City. Media and influencers previewed the album just hours before it was released to the public on digital streaming platforms. The LP features a cast of Hip Hop’s elite including Kanye West, Jarule, Nas, Fat Joe,  Busta Rhymes and Remy Ma. The album has a feature on every track except for the skits and outro. The evening was highlighted by the sounds of DJ Scram Jones, who played a heavy 90’s NYC set, with artists like Nas, Mobb Deep, and Jay Z to the crowds preference. The audience enjoyed Belaire champagne, appetizers, and Ghostface’s gourmet coffee “Killah Kofee.” Some artists who came to support Ghostface included “Simon Says,” emcee Pharoahe Monch, who shared with me that he’s working on a new album titled External Affairs which will drop later this summer. Rock the Bells personality and emcee Torae, Saturday Night Live’s  Kenan Thompson, reggae singer Serani, and rappers Jim Jones, NEMS, and Large Professor. Ghost performed some tracks off the album including the up tempo Kanye West featured “ No Face,”  “ 6 Minutes,” featuring Jim Jones and Sheek Louch and ” Pair of Hammers,” with  Method Man. The crowd was later treated to a super hype freestyle from Wu alum Cappadonna,  a Serani performance of “ No Games,” and Jim Jones  jump shot gesture as Scram Jones played his iconic ” Ballin.”  Set the Tone is well-rounded with a blend of R&B and soul features on “Locked In,” & ” Skate Odyssey,” a boom bap moment with “Kilo In the Safe,” and reggae-influenced tracks like ” Shots,” and “Champion Sound.” His storytelling is unparalleled and on tracks like “Cape Fear,” and “Scar Tissue,” he showcases these narration talents. And like his Wallabee collection, he’s got  various styles to chose from. On his born day, Ghost owned the night,  and Hip Hop was better for it! You can find Set the Tone on all streaming platforms. Written By David Lopez Video Credit: Damatrixstudio  

Drake vs Kendrick: Who’s Ahead on the Score Card?

A lot has happened over the weekend with Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and if rapping was boxing, both heavyweights have shown up to compete for the belt. After finally responding to Drake’s “ Drop and Give Me 50,” with the cryptic “Euphoria,” K. Dot followed up days later with “6:16 in LA,” keeping the pressure on Drake’s neck. Over an Al Green sample, Kendrick alludes to Drake having moles in his camp that are feeding him info, “ Are you finally ready to play have-you-ever? Let’s see, have you ever thought that OVO is working’ for me?… Fake bully, I hate bullies, you must be a terrible person. Everyone inside your team is whispering that you deserve it.” Kendrick honed in on the OVO team’s disloyalty and their dislike for their cash cow. K. Dot’s pressure did not last long as Drake’s “Family Matters,” dropped fourteen hours later. The track is accompanied by a video where the same minivan Kendrick’s mom drove, and he featured on the cover of good kid, m.A.A.d city album was crushed to pieces. And Drake is seen eating at the restaurant Kendrick recently brought attention to on “ Euphoria,” in Toronto, New Ho King, trolling Kendrick. The track is sonically pleasing as Drake changes rap patterns over three different fire beats from Boi-1da, Tay Keith, and Mark Ronson.  In my opinion, this is the best complete and radio-friendly song that came off the battle series this weekend. With allegations that Kendrick is abusive to the mother of his children Whitney Alford, and that one of his children may be fathered by K. Dot’s general manager Dave Free. He even adds that J Cole is losing sleep over battling K Dot but he’s stepping up to the challenge. And  he takes a shot at Rick Ross, “body after body, Ricky reading me my Miranda rights,” an assertion to Ross’s former employment in law enforcement. Drake is taunting and showcasing his dominance over K Dot and the rap universe over this 7-minute-plus track. Drake’s response did not get much time to settle. An hour later Kendrick responds with “ Meet the Grahams,”  over eerie piano chords, he recites a toxic letter to Drake, his parents, his son Adonis, and a mystery eleven-year-old daughter. The track  is  straightforward and  disrespectful  as he questions Drake’s existence and expresses that K . Dot would be a better father figure to Drake’s son than him. As Kendrick reads, “ Dear Adonis I’m sorry that that man is your father, let me be honest takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive I look at him and wish your grandpa would a wore a condom I’m sorry that you got to grow up and then stand behind him.” The song  has its moments of providing shock value and describes Drake as a man with several vices including gambling and pill popping.  However, Kendrick has to lose  some points if he is wrong about Drake having a hidden daughter. It shows a level of desperation or bad intel. Drake has denied hiding his daughter on an Instagram story. Less than 24 hours later, Kendrick dropped his 4th song this week “ Not Like Us, “ where he claims Drake and his OVO camp are pedophiles. One of the OVO artists Baka Not Nice, was charged with prostitution and human trafficking in 2014, the charges were later dropped. In addition, K. Dot accuses Drake of using artists from Atlanta like 21 Savage and Future for credibility and that he was not a colleague but more of a “colonizer.” This was definitely a moment for K. Dot Fans, with the personal and comedic content such as “‘scream OV HO.” With Kendrick’s output of four tracks in a week gave him advantage, but Drake has the better song with “Family Matters,”  and Kendrick may have reached with the accusations of hidden children. I had Kendrick in the lead because of all the music he’s put out the last week, as he keeps  applying the pressure, but the fact that Drake is holding his own is a win within itself, as Kendrick is more revered for his lyricism in the court of Hip Hop popular opinion. With the release of  “The Heart Part 6,” Sunday night, reactions  began to shift to Drake being up in this battle. On the song, he talks about setting Kendrick up with false information to trick him to thinking he had a daughter, and about Kendrick being sexually abused as kid.  He also reveals that the mother of children is not following him on Instagram, but is following the manager Dave Free, adding to the idea that Kendrick and her are on the outs, and her and Free may be romantically involved. At the moment it feels like Kendrick won lots of the mini battles with his heavy onslaught of content over the last week.  But Drake is currently winning the bigger contest, the one of truth. And Hip Hop fans are getting the best of this war of words.   Written By David Lopez

Will “Tale Of The Tape” be good enough to BUY OR RENT on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video: “Tale Of The Tape” Review Written & Directed by Malik K. Buie Executive Producer; Kim Osorio Executive Producer; Rashad Casey  Producer; Joslyn Rose Lyons  Hey #MyCreatives, Whoooooooooo what a few weeks of HIP HOP. From J. Cole bowing out spiritually and respectfully, Chris Brown smoking the dust pedals off of Quavo with his bars, and DRAKE vs KENDRICK Battle getting more intense as the weeks go on. Now onto the ordeal at hand that’s rather is sparking the question, “Will This Documentary help support the DJ Community”. The documentary at hand, called “Tale Of The Tape”. The documentary is an exclusive Buy ($7.99USD) or Rent (Up To 30 days for $4.99USD) on Amazon Prime Video. I will breakdown and review the GOOD, BAD, and #ReemoApproved of this documentary. The GOOD:  I will admit this was a solid and substantially researched documentary. The testimonies from Today & Older generation DJ’s and Music artists really giving props and honoring the impact of mixtapes. I feel they meshed the emotional and intellectual tie of the documentary of the culture. Honestly, can’t see too much of a “BAD”. The BAD:  I don’t think this is a documentary for the Hip Hop Culture Purists. This is more for the Fan who was of the mid 80’s to Mid 2010’s (Where Mixtapes got pushed away due to streaming) that lived through the emergence and impactful movement during those times. The video content seems “Dated” but the stories are still epic. Also, they should’ve broke it up to a series like “Hip Hop Evolution” (Netflix) did by regions would suffice the Hip Hop purist.  The #ReemoApproved  Honestly, there shouldn’t be any complaints past breaking it up by regions instead of seemingly the North, despite the one time with DJ Drama from Atlanta(By way of Philly). Also, it was debuting on Amazon Prime so they collectively had to put the best figures that are going to draw engagement and the dollars back to profit….end all be all this is still a business. For me as a semi-historian of Hip Hop, very entertaining and pleased of what was presented. Salute to Malik K. Brie, Kim Osorio, Rashad Casey, and Joslyn Rose Lyons for putting the documentary together.    In conclusion, “Tale Of The Tape” on Amazon Prime Video delivers a gripping narrative that seamlessly intertwines the worlds of Mixtapes & Music within the Hip Hop Culture. With its compelling figures of Hip Hop, nuanced storytelling, and powerful testimonies, it immerses viewers into the impact and intensity of the movement while exploring deeper themes of business growth and resilience in Hip Hop Culture. Coupled with its high production values and authentic portrayal of the Hip Hop,          “Tale Of The Tape” emerges as a semi-must watch for both Hip Hop enthusiasts and fans who want to relive of those times. As per usual, ON TO THE NEXT #MyCreatives     Follow Me on Social Media: IG: X(Twitter): Tik Tok: LinkedIN: Subscibe to The Podcast; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. Subcribe To My Vlog Channel; Reemo Meerak: ReemTV: For Interviews, Cover your event, write a review, or Features: Shop The Merch:

Universal Music Group Catalogs return to TikTok

In an interesting change of events Universal Music Group has agreed to a licensing deal with TikTok. This agreement has allowed UMG artists’ music catalogs back on the popular platform for creatives, TikTok, which has a billion plus users worldwide. Some of the artists under the UMG umbrella include Lady Gaga, Drake, Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny and Kendrick Lamar. In February, the music behemoth removed their music from the app, causing a disruption for artists under the conglomerate who use TikTok to expand their exposure worldwide. The removal of the music also affected creatives and influencers as their videos remained, but the complementary sound was removed from their mobile video posts. The UMG press release states, “ UMG and TikTok will deliver improved remuneration for UMG’s songwriters and artists, new promotional and engagement opportunities for their recordings and songs and industry-leading protections with respect to generative AI. Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Group, added in the press release : “This new chapter in our relationship with TikTok focuses on the value of music, the primacy of human artistry and the welfare of the creative community. We look forward to collaborating with the team at TikTok to further the interests of our artists and songwriters and drive innovation in fan engagement while advancing social music monetization.” And Ole Obermann, TikTok’s Global Head of Music Business Development, said: “We are delighted to welcome UMG and UMPG back to TikTok. We look forward to working together to forge a path that creates deeper connections between artists, creators, and fans. We will work together to make sure that AI tools are developed responsibly to enable a new era of musical creativity and fan engagement while protecting human creativity.” While the specific financial terms of the licensing deal have not been revealed, when the previous contract expired with TikTok, the two entertainment companies could not come to terms over royalty payments. One thing is for certain, creatives worldwide are excited to have some of their favorite artists’ music back on the most used and downloaded app globally and hopefully artists are getting a more equitable share of royalties for their music. It is estimated that 20 to 30 percent of the music played on TikTok is from UMG artists. Written By David Lopez

Megan Thee Stallion vs. Nicki Minaj Beef: Hip-Hop’s Dynamic Figures Weekend Battle

What a Weekend?!!!!! The world of hip-hop has always been a stage for dynamic personalities, lyrical prowess, and occasional controversies. Megan Thee Stallion vs. Nicki Minaj beef is one such episode that grabbed headlines and ignited discussions within the rap community and social media world. In this article, we delve into the origins, key moments, and underlying power dynamics of this high-profile feud. Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj, both powerhouse women in the rap industry, found themselves at the center of a feud that captivated fans and media alike. The tension between the two artists seemed to emerge from a combination of industry competition, alleged behind-the-scenes disputes, and differing perspectives on female empowerment within the hip-hop scene. The beef gained momentum as fans observed the changing dynamics between Megan and Nicki, who had previously collaborated on the track like “Hot Girl Summer”. Speculations arose about a fallout, and misunderstanding on social media leading to heightened interest and scrutiny. Also, Megan’s latest track; “Hiss” seems to bring back the beef to the forefront!!!! The digital realm became a battleground for the feud, with both artists using social media platforms to express their sentiments. Subtle jabs, cryptic posts, and direct messages fueled the fire and provided fans with an inside look into the conflict. Fans played a significant role in amplifying the beef, taking sides and passionately defending their favorite artist. Social media debates and discussions further intensified the feud, turning it into a pop culture spectacle. Also, fans are leaning more towards Megan because of the recent track and Nicki’s fanbase; “The Barbs” have one again come in defense of their Queen. Megan Thee Stallion just released her track called; “Hiss” where it’s seemed as the shot for Nicki: “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law I don’t really know what the problem is, but I guarantee y’all don’t want me to start Bitch, you a pussy (you a pussy), never finna check me (yeah) Every chance you get, bet your weak ass won’t address me (ho) Bitches swear they G, but the G must stand for goofy When the fuck did all the gangster niggas turn to groupies?” Nicki responds on her IG Live with a sample of her diss track called “BigFoot” stating: “Bad bitch she like six foot, I call her big foot, the bitch fell off I said, ‘Get up on your good foot.’” Some speculations that this beef could be off Megan’s friendship with Cardi B. whom she did a previous track called “W.A.P.” and their friendship grown since that time frame. Also, Minaj has a longtime issue with Cardi B. & a history of issues with those that are “cool” or in alliance with her (Cardi B). Besides Nicki, someone feels uncomfortable with Megan’s Bars, and that’s one Moniece Slaughter who took to X (Twitter) to express her insight: Despite the rules of “Rap Beef” or “Diss Tracks” changing over the years in the culture, Moniece poses an interesting question “Was Megan out of line for that bar?” Nicki dropped “Bigfoot” her response to “Hiss” track on Sunday at 6PM. A good amount of people took to social media, and were not pleased of Nicki’s response, but the Nicki posted on her X(Twitter) that she has four more tracks coming. Female rappers are often pitted against each other, perpetuating stereotypes and undermining their achievements. The hip-hop industry is highly competitive, and success is often measured in terms of chart performance, awards, and record sales. The feud highlighted the pressures artists face to maintain their status, with their “beef”becoming a symbol of the times within the culture. Both Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj are not only talented rappers but also symbols of empowerment for women of color. The beef raised questions about how intersectionality intersects with power dynamics in the hip-hop industry and the challenges faced by black women in navigating fame, success, and public scrutiny. Also, the changing of the guard amongst the artists. Conclusion: Megan Thee Stallion vs. Nicki Minaj beef provides a glimpse into the complexities of the hip-hop industry, where talent, competition, and societal expectations intertwine. As fans eagerly await resolution or further developments, the feud serves as a reminder of the ongoing nuances faced by women in the world of rap where the egos overweigh their need for a more supportive and inclusive environment within the music industry. As usual…. On the next #MyCreatives – Reemo Meerak, Correspondent/Contributor   Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ For a Feature, Review, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event:

Unpopular Opinion vs Dismissing The Message: Stephen A. Smith or Rashad McCants

Rashad McCants vs SAS (Stephen A. Smith) is rather ironic at best because it’s two people whom people dislike overall of their upfront takes but their messages get misconstrued of the person themselves because of such within the Sports Media world of Today. The spark of their back and forth over the Internet derived from a take on Stephen A. Smith Podcast where he made the claim that “Kobe Bryant isn’t the 2nd Greatest Basketball Player of all-time”. Rashad “Clap-Back” on Gil’s Arena to rebuttal against that claim, but took to things rather “Too Defensive” in some eyes. He felt, SAS was decimating Kobe’s overall legacy with that claim. Along with he never would or did such when the NBA Legend was alive. For Stephen A. Smith, there are times people may not like his takes but, can’t say he’s never upfront with sports topics or his knowledge is never on display, as well as he holds back of such. Oftentimes, it’s misconstrued by dislike of his takes as a Sports Journalist and Media Personality vs the actual person. Stephen A. Smith is like a “Professional Sniper”, who just gets the job done, and quite frankly doesn’t care for the emotions until after it’s all said and done. Also, has a humorous, and entertaining element to his craft. You can’t blame him or have a heavy distain upon him for that. If such were the case, then ESPN would’ve released him like they did previously in his career. He’s the “Cash Cow” for the network, and he’s been the most consistent sports analyst/figure the network as had since God rest his soul; Stuart Scott. Rashad McCants may seem “off the chart” with his takes on Gil’s platform; but he speaks entirely off of a Player’s preference mindset and rightfully so being a former Professional Athlete, as well as he’s highly passionate about it. The only thing is, his personality is brewing towards being “Unlikeable” and that’s where things get unfortunately tricky and convoluted as to if he’s just talking out his “Ass”. Also, gets highly dismissed because his career wasn’t considered or respected as such to make claims or sports takes of that caliber. End all be all, he’s a figure and element on the platform that adds onto the litany of edge that the Gil’s Arena platform requires. Face it folks, he’s not going anywhere. Say what you want or feel, but I really wish when it comes to hearing the “Ugly Truth” from them, or anyone in Sports Media just minus your feelings and could we just GROW UP!!!!. “Ugly Takes” or “Unpopular Opinions” are in Sports Topics for a reason, to inflict a difference amongst people who don’t think the same or don’t feel to “fluff”around in conversation. Sports Topics in its entirety are going to have that “Hero vs Villain” effect because of the personality you’re coming to grow, and become a fan of. Should it be as high of a “Popularity Contest” to not have in conversation? NO!!!. What if everyone agreed, then it would be BORING AF!!!! (Apologies for the children reading at home…lol). Who’s going to watch that? What ratings are coming in, or streaming numbers? There’s going to be a debate regardless of Sports Topics, but dismissing Opinions or claiming a person is willingly disrespecting towards a legacy just because of not liking the person is a reach. YES, there’s Opinion but in today’s society it counts only for who’s liked the MOST, and for that it’s UNFAIR. On to the next #MyCreatives Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ For a Feature, Review, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event:

Katt Williams Unleashes Controversial Critique on Comedians and Entertainment Industry

  Was this for CLOUT, GLORY, or TRUTH?!!! In a recent interview on Shannon Sharpe’s; Club Shay Shay, that sent shockwaves through the comedy, entertainment world and the internet for 2024!!!, renowned comedian/actor Katt Williams didn’t hold back as he unleashed a scathing critique on fellow comedians and the entertainment industry. Known for his unfiltered and bold statements, Williams took the opportunity to address what he sees as significant challenges within the comedy landscape and the broader entertainment business. During the interview, Katt Williams touched on various aspects of the entertainment industry, offering a candid and unapologetic perspective. He critiqued not only the art of comedy but also the inner workings of an industry that has both propelled and hindered countless careers. Williams, known for his unique style and fearless approach to comedy, provided insights into the motivations behind his critique. Drawing from his own experiences, he shed light on what he perceives as systemic issues, discussing the challenges faced by comedians trying to navigate an industry that can be both cutthroat and unforgiving. He named dropped the likes of Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Cedric The Entertainer, Faizon Love, Aries Spears, and Kevin Hart as those that either stole jokes, lackluster talent, or in some shape or form were “Plants” to the industry.   Not going to lie here, I was rather amazed what transpired throughout the whole interview, as well as some keen and unique facts about him and his background. Overall, must give tremendous props to Shannon on his composure and demeanor. YES, a good amount of people would want him to control the interview as “conventional” as possible, but I don’t think we would have a potential interview like we all seen to kickoff this YEAR. Honestly, if such was a “Mission On Hand”, then Katt Williams was direct hit on his targets.   Here’s a clip of the interview:   The INTERNET went on INFERNO MODE as many were on the side of Katt Williams, and some comedians and Entertainers were sharing their humbling and honorable stories of interactions with him. Also, defending of his character, and skillset. Then, comes the rebuttals, or we like to call the “Clapbacks” Some of them were “MID” at best, and some were spot on from a different perspective. Like Ludacris’ Freestyle wasn’t really needed, I get it but, BRUHHHHH you already have yours and thensome from the movies:     Kevin Hart kinda had some “Pewn Pewns” with his rugers, but the Plastic Cup Boyz had the better jokes during the New York Knicks vs 76ERS game via ESPN:     Aries Spears had a different outlook, but honestly with the way of society today…I really doubt the message is “CLEAR”:     Conclusion In the aftermath of the interview, the comedy community and entertainment industry have responded with a mix of support, critique, and contemplation. Some comedians rallied behind Williams, applauding his courage to speak out, while others offered counterpoints, defending the industry’s structure and citing their own positive experiences. As is customary in the digital age, social media played a significant role in amplifying the impact of Williams’ statements. Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms exploded with discussions, memes, and a spectrum of opinions. The interview quickly became a focal point for fans and industry insiders alike to engage in a lively debate about the state of comedy, and entertainment, as well as it’s reach of engagement across the internet, and YouTube at 30 Million Views in 4 days (Original Release: January 3rd, 2024). Katt Williams’ recent interview has undoubtedly shaken the foundations of the internet, and cast the light on him for 2024 thus far. Whether you agree or disagree with his viewpoints, the conversation he started is one that demands attention and introspection. As the comedy community grapples with the comments, it’s clear that the reverberations of Williams’ words will continue to be felt for some time. Most definitely leave a comment below, and as per usual….. ON TO THE NEXT #MyCreatives. Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ For a Feature, Review, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event:        

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Famous Record Pool Digiwaxx Celebrates 25 Years and Confirms New Digiwaxx Latino Division

Digiwaxx, the renowned record pool, proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary in the music culture and reveals a significant expansion plan into hyper-focused divisions. The inaugural division to be unveiled is Digiwaxx Latino, which seeks to cater to the immense influence and extensive global presence of the Latino community in the music industry. Heading this exciting endeavor is Brian “Essince” Collins, a distinguished professional with an illustrious career that spans across international markets, particularly in Latin America. A native of Honduras, Essince has played a pivotal role in launching promising artists and collaborating with diverse clients worldwide. As the world joyfully celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip-hop this year, Digiwaxx takes immense pride in its own remarkable milestone of 25 years in the hip-hop scene. Throughout its journey, Digiwaxx has meticulously curated one of the most esteemed record pools, while wholeheartedly supporting the culture through an array of initiatives. From exclusive events held nationwide to the renowned Digiwaxx calls featuring industry giants as guests, Digiwaxx continues to flourish, propelled by the unwavering support of the hip-hop community and the dedication of its founder, Corey “CL” Llewellyn. The brand’s impeccable reputation precedes it, facilitating connections between artists, DJs, and platforms on a global scale. Corey “CL” Llewellyn expressed his excitement about the addition of Digiwaxx Latino to the Digiwaxx family, emphasizing the desire to create specialized divisions focused on various music genres and cultures. He further praised the choice of Brian “Essince” Collins to spearhead the Digiwaxx Latino division, citing his professionalism and successful track record on both national and international levels. The newly established Digiwaxx Latino division will showcase an array of Latin music playlists, exclusive content, and interviews, providing a platform for Latin artists, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. Essince shared his personal journey with Digiwaxx, recounting how he had been introduced to the platform during his early days in the industry, monitoring Digiwaxx submissions for a New York label. He expressed his delight in being able to leverage this influential platform to highlight the remarkable talent and growth of Latino artists, an aspiration he has held for a significant period. Over the past 25 years, Digiwaxx has been a driving force in promoting and nurturing countless gifted artists. The brand attributes its continued relevance to the unwavering support of numerous DJs, industry professionals, devoted fans, and its own hardworking team. As they celebrate this momentous year, Digiwaxx looks back at those who doubted the longevity of hip-hop, proving them unequivocally wrong. For more information on Digiwaxx and its initiatives, please visit or contact And Follow us on all platforms: @Digiwaxx About Digiwaxx: Digiwaxx is a prestigious record pool that has played a vital role in the music industry for 25 years. With an unwavering commitment to supporting artists and the culture, Digiwaxx continues to thrive, connecting talents with DJs and platforms worldwide.

“So So Def Presents A 30th Anniversary Tribute Performance At The 2023 BET Hip-Hop Awards”

Jermaine Dupri and So So Def marked a significant milestone, celebrating the label’s 30th anniversary with an unforgettable medley of their greatest hits at the 2023 BET Hip-Hop Awards. So So Def, founded in 1993, emerged as one of the most prominent record labels of its era, not just in the south. Initially propelled by Dupri’s success with the multi-platinum rap duo Kris Kross, the label went on to produce legendary acts such as Xscape, Jagged Edge, Bow Wow, and the first female soloist in rap to achieve Platinum status, Da Brat. Continuing its legacy into the 2000s, So So Def expanded its roster to include artists like the soulful crooner Anthony Hamilton and Atlanta-based rap groups like Bone Crusher, YoungBloodz, Dem Franchise Boyz, and many more. The performance began with Jermaine Dupri paying tribute to Kris Kross and their 1992 hit “Jump.” Wearing a backwards Atlanta Braves jersey as a nod to the iconic duo, Dupri took the audience on a nostalgic journey back to the birth of the So So Def era. He shared, “Back in 1991, I was sitting in my room, and I wrote this song,” before performing the opening verse and chorus. Ludacris then joined Dupri on stage for their 2002 anthem, “Welcome 2 Atlanta,” both donning Atlanta sports jerseys that electrified the audience. last year when Jermaine Dupri sat down with complex, he revealed that he was the youngest producer at that time to have a number one record and even was listed in the Guinness World Records. The set continued with Lil Jon taking the stage and thrilling the crowd with YoungBloodz’s 2003 track, “Damn!” followed by his own hit, “Snap Yo Fingers.” Bone Crusher brought his thunderous party starter, “Neva Scared,” to the performance, and Nelly made a surprise appearance, teaming up with JD for their 2005 chart-topping hit, “Grillz.” Throughout the performance, dancers dressed in Atlanta Braves jerseys and So So Def shirts added to the festive atmosphere as Dupri and his collaborators delved into their treasure trove of anthems. Dupri himself performed his breakout hit, “Money Ain’t a Thang,” and the mood shifted to a more intimate setting when Tyrese and Chingy joined him for “Pullin Me Back.” Dupri, 50 years old, proudly declared, “I write the songs that the whole world sings,” highlighting his extensive catalog and enduring career and how the songs he wrote still make us move to this day. The So So Def reunion wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Bow Wow and Da Brat, both of whom joined Dupri and Dem Franchize Boyz for a spirited rendition of the “I Think They Like Me” remix, concluding the performance on a joyous and nostalgic note. Babyface once told Jermaine Dupri that in order to make history, he would have to make magic in the studio consistently after the success of Kris Kross, needless to say 30 years later we are still dancing and celebrating all of So So Def’s hit records. “Jermaine Dupri Celebrates 30 years of so so def with star-studded Medley at 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards”. October 10, 2023. October 11, 2023. “Hip Hop Awards 2023: so so Def’s 30th Anniversary Performance Was a Trip Down Memory Lane”. October 10, 2023. October 11, 2023.

Is Drake Ushering In A New Era With The Release Of His Eighth Studio Album, Titled “For All the Dogs”?

After months of eager anticipation from his fans, prolific Canadian artist Drake has officially dropped his eighth studio album, titled “For All the Dogs.” Previously, the acclaimed rapper had teased his social media followers with the promise of a release last month, only to face an unexpected delay, the reasons for which remained undisclosed. However, on Friday, October 6, the album finally graced streaming platforms. Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, excitedly shared the news with his dedicated fan base through an Instagram post, featuring a striking picture of himself. “FOR ALL THE DOGS IS YOURS NOW,” he captioned his post, accompanied by a spotted dog emoji. Spanning an impressive 23 tracks, Drake’s latest album boasts a runtime of one hour and 24 minutes, solidifying its position as one of his lengthiest releases to date. This year, Drake has made guest appearances on songs by fellow rappers like J Hus, Central Cee, Young Thug, and Travis Scott. In his illustrious career, Drake has achieved a total of 12 Billboard No. 1 albums. Among these, two stand out from last year: “Honestly, Nevermind,” which delved into dance music and dropped in June, and “Her Loss,” a rap-centric project featuring 21 Savage, released in November. The question remains on whether it’s time for Drake to take a break, or will he be ushering in a new era with this album? In a recent candid interview, Drake has made it clear that his health is now his top priority. During an episode of the show “Table for One” on SiriusXM’s Sound 42, Drake announced that he will be taking a break from music to address health concerns that have been troubling him. Drake opened up about the “craziest problems” he’s been experiencing with his stomach, which have prompted him to make the decision to go on hiatus for what he estimates could be “maybe a year.” In a recent statement Drake said “I probably won’t make music for a little bit. I’m gonna be honest,” he confessed on the show. “I got some other things I need to do for some other people that I made promises to, but I probably won’t make music for a little bit. I’m gonna be real with you. I need to focus on my health first and foremost and I’ll talk about that soon enough.” Drake is undoubtedly deserving of a well-earned respite. In a span of less than two decades, he has shattered numerous longstanding records on Billboard’s charts, and he shows no signs of slowing down. At present, he holds the record for the Hottest 100 hits among all artists, boasting an impressive 299 entries on the chart, which includes an astounding dozen No. 1 hits and an unprecedented 70 top 10 placements. Additionally, he has achieved the remarkable feat of charting 12 No. 1 albums, and it appears that he’s on the brink of adding yet another to his already impressive list of accomplishments. “Drake releases new album For All the Dogs: Tracklist, features and everything we know”. October 6, 2023.October 6, 2023. Drake is taking a break from music: “I’ve been having the craziest problems for years with my stomach”. October 6, 2023. October 6, 2023

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