Georgia v. YSL Day 3: Was the Jury Pool Tainted?

On Wednesday, in the YSL RICO case, the jury were accidently shown by a broadcast camera. That stream was shared by multiple sources and the screengrabs and video quickly made it to social media. Judge Glanville ordered all the attorneys into his chambers after being informed of the error, later then instructing the camera men to only continue recording the audio of witness gang detective Mark Belkap. At one point the live channel of the case just sat focused on a single water bottle as witnesses were examined. Some of the net’s biggest blogs shared the video on their social media accounts, which is call for alarm of tainting the jury in some cases. Judge Glanville just confirmed that jurors were accidentally filmed. — Jewel Wicker (@jewelwickershow) November 29, 2023 Detective Belkap went through an extensive explanation of gang life and culture. Showing the jury the often used “gang triangle” to the jury. The Judge was once again angry with the prosecution as the slide show he used was not turned over to the defense days prior. His testimony consisted of trying to explain how he referred to YSL as “Young Slime Life” and not “Young Stoner Life” the clothing line. Belkap also tried to explain that this was a non-traditional gang and show the difference. He was the sole witness for the day. As far as the jury goes, the worry of revealing the jury to the public are many. One of the worries is that a jury member can be trained or targeted with information, or disinformation, that taints their view of the case one way or the other. Another major worry is that the said juror could be doxxed, and personal information and whereabouts could become targeted, therefore tainting them. As one court reporter pointed out, it could lead to alternate jurors being called to replace someone. We will know more in the coming days. Watch the full stream of today’s case below.  

Glasses Malone Dares Cancel Culture with Cancel Deeez Nutz

There was a time and era where West coast ruled the airwaves, where you would hear Dr.Dre, Ice Cube or Snoop oozing out of speakers everywhere and wonky synth leads over G-Funk hooks were the standard. Glasses Malone latest project Cancel Deeez Nutz provides that feeling again and also transports listeners to L.A. with a cohesive backdrop of well produced music.  The name of the project perfectly personifies the content, as Glasses forces us in the old school through LA hoods in 2023. Kicking the door with the title track “Cancel Deeez Nutz,” which sets the bar for what some will deem offensive material in the era of cancel culture. Glasses dares them with memorable assistance by the L.A. Giantz who raps “I believe Kathleen is still a man/ RKelly Music turned up I’m still a fan,” over staccato string stabs. The rapper delivers with an authentic proud middle finger to the cancel culture on certain topics with songs like “Kanye Should Have Married (That Bitch),” and “Sum VI Bitchez.” Malone gives listeners a little bit of everything with lyrical hip-hop driven joints like “21’ Stimy Flow” and “Tha Loc,” while taking listeners on a California journey with songs like“ My Nyk Cortez,” and “Palm Trees and Roses.” The most notable of these, the ode to one of his favorite hood food spots with “Jim Dandy’s.” The song opens with a pimpish interpolation of Cameo’s “Candy,” as Glasses flips a classic Snoop line while telling us about the treacherous route just to get there. The second verse delivers a play by play scenario of the game of life or death for some chicken, but the song delivers shiny and glistening like a delicious chicken wing; undeniable. The real treats of this project are “Us” and “Tale of Whitney’s Plug.” The foremost song is introduced with a clip from Cedric the Entertainer from the movie Be Cool, before diving into a classic Westcoast beat, featuring Joey Westside. This track is a flag of Black pride and celebration of the Black influence. Delivering with deep striking passion, over fly production that maintains the Westcoast cool vibe at the same time.  The latter is an interesting journey, not only sonically but the bars as well. The cranky voice of Samuel L. Jackson’s character Stephen from DJango Unchained quickly enters, before cutting into a surprisingly cut sample. Glasses paints the scene purposefully and methodically, while laying out the dope game in story form over another banger by producer E.P. Who noticeably does an impeccable job of creating a cohesive and consistent high-level of production throughout the project.  The project delivers well for the seasoned MC, even the outro track “Walk Off” slaps, with assistance from Kokane. Glasses gives proper salutes and tributes to Battlecat, Dsmoke, and other collaborators over a thumping jawn.  Although the project is thorough and consistent, it is also polarizing. This is not something you play for everyone, but Glasses draws his line in the sand with no apologies. Those who rock with it are provided with endless C-Walking material and funky slaps.  Favorite Song: “Tale of Whitney’s Plug” Least Favorite Song – Undecided, there’s not really an un-listenable song.  Rating 8.0/10

Georgia v. Young Slime Life: Did Thug’s Lawyer Reveal the Darker Side of the Music Industry?

It’s been over a year since Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney indicted the rapper, Jeffery Williams and his YSL crew for RICO charges in May of 2022 and Monday set the stage for opening statements delivered by the State vs “YSL.” But on Tuesday, Thug’s Lawyer Brian Steel’s opening included strong statements about the music business. Namely how they music industry creates and maintains beefs and personas for marketing purposes.  “You will learn that this is part of being involved in hip hop and rap. There’s all these battles going across social media. It generates interest, much like the NFL has rivalries with the Saints and Falcons,” said Steel. The trial has started off to much controversy Monday as well with Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love. Ironically, Love went the poetic route. She was quoting “The Jungle Book” and attempting to show a parallels of sorts using the “Wolfpack” mentality as fodder. Which ended up being a long soliloquy boasting confidence of the evidence. And there we’re objections. Aside from being accused of showing jurors evidence that was excluded by Judge Ural Glanville, the defense was given more ammo to contest. Love was objected by Steel mid-sentence, for attempting to ‘shift the burden of proof.’ Some have said this will be grounds for appeal should the State still convict the rapper in the long run, as the objection was sustained and further explained by Judge Glanville. Watch the clip below to see the full exchange. The defense also brought up the common distrust of the police and specifically to how “Jeffery” as Steel refers to him, witnessed multiple accounts of police misconduct. Specifically how his family had been mistreated by the police on several occasions. Stating his father was harassed by the police routinely, detailing how his older brother “Beanie” was shot in the chest and his mother handcuffed as they watched him lose his life. Watch more below. Prosecutors were able to get a motion for mistrial dismissed and we’re granted the right to use his lyrics as evidence in the trial. Attorney’s for the other three defendants also gave opening arguments in the hours long court spectacle. Here’s how FOX News Coverage from Atlanta covered the second day’s activities. This case holds an important place in hip-hop, as not only are his lyrics being used but the very culture is on full display, leaving the greater discussion at a crossroads. Do label’s and the industry as a whole generate rap beefs to sell records? Are there street consequences for the marketing approach of the music? This case should keep these topics on fans minds as we watch closely. Watch Meghann Cuniff aka Meghann the Reporter discuss the case live as a guest below.

#rewindreview: Wildchild ‘Secondary Protocol’ 2003

  In “the year of the Mad,” often referred to as 2003 by many underground HOP heads, we got a slew of Madlib produced or adjacent albums. Wildchild who is one third of the Lootpack along with Madlib and D.J. Romes, tried to satisfy the urge fans were left with, after the debut album from the group ‘Soundpieces: The Antidote.’ Initially it took myself a while to get into this album as The Lootpack record made such an impact but also it was coming to terms that Madlib himself was changing his production style. When you add those two things up, my expectation of what beats I wanted to hear Wildchild over in 2003 felt disappointing. Time passes though and over the years this album has grown on me tremendously. It is more uptempo and a “teaser trailer” for the sound from the West Coast’s most underrated artist and albums that would follow. Wildchild was blessed to know the “Jackson Brothers” which is Oh No and Madlib. A whole album strictly produced by those two are like acquiring Willy Wonka’s golden ticket during the mid to late 2000’s. Wildchild utilize the two to craft a fun yet “edutainment” filled record. There are moments of rapping for the sake of it but a few teachable moments like ‘Kiana’ which is an ode to his daughter and the importance of father’s in the home. The only visual single the ‘Wonder Years’ aims to tell the listener to appreciate and not take for granted the good times we have. ‘Secondary Protocol’ really tries to break the stereotype at the time, that underground hip-hop music was not for partying and always serious and this might have been my original disconnect. Wildchild really created an album that if in a different multi-verse where the music industry uplifted actual music rather than relationships, ‘Secondary Protocol’ would have had tracks in radio and music video rotation. Instead it is still an album for those of us who are fans and for others to discover. What did you think of the album? Singles include: ‘Wonder Years’ & ‘Knicknack 2002’ Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide & TuneIn app (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following


In this clip of Reemo interviewing; Andrew “Combo” Salop on his platform; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. They’re getting into the discussion of Hip-Hop artists, and whom are they’re favorites. Then, he states his claim that “Jadakiss is the Best Rapper, Jay-Z makes the Best Albums, and Drake makes the best songs” All in all, you must see the full 5 min clip below, and the full episode this week of Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. on all streaming platforms!!!!! Checkout the Clip Here: GUEST: ANDREW “COMBO” SALOP IG:… HOST – Reem’o Meerak: Productions Company/Brand:… WEBSITE: ReemoMeerak.Com For Guest Appearance, or Questions: ALSO, Check Out My Merch: JUUUUUUU’Already Know it’s HANDSSSSSSS OVA THE EYESSSSSS, It’s Tha 2 UPPPPPP?!!!!! #ReemoApproved      


As the 4th Quarter is soon wrapping up, Essence Magazine threw a huge celebration in honor of the women who are captivating the culture with the event called; ESSENCE Girls United Disruptor Summit 2023 Atlanta, GA was the home to celebrate all aspects of the Black experience focused on Zillenials and shine a line on those in their “Era of Disruption” who are working to break the mold. Rechelle Dennis (Girls United Co-Founder & Lead) kicked off the festivities by welcoming attendees to the summit before passing the mic to host Rachel Jackson, who introduced the impressive lineup of talent including a panel discussion between sister-duo Jordyn and Jodie Woods, where they outlined what it means to work together while taking their business to new heights, a live taping with the season 5 cast of ‘If Not for My Girls’ with BIA, Muni Long and Pretty Vee and a session on all things fashion and creativity with fashion designers Aleali May and Torianna Breaux. The event also featured popular stage appearances from internet sensation Aliyah’s Interlude, comedian Yung BBQ, and celebrity music engineer Brandra Ringo and offered dynamic programming moments like ‘Disrupt or Be Disrupted’ with Essence Ventures President & CEO Caroline Wanga and ‘On Strike’ by McDonald’s with Kenyatta Victoria, Marley Dias, J. Simmone, and Kamarie Brown.  The event attracted a number of celebrities and influencers interested in getting a look at the summit firsthand, including: TM Twins Taneeyah & Meniyah, Digital Creators & Influencers Karma Bridges, Executive Producer of Netflix’s Karma’s World Phreshy, Influencer, Celebrity Publicist Tatiyana Blood, Celebrity Talent Manager DJ Tootz, Twin DJ Duo, Social Media Influencers Kayla Rivera, Latinx & Entertainment Blogger, Content Creator Throughout the day, guests took advantage of interactive elements including speed mentorship sessions, a tooth gem station, a photo activation presented by Coca-Cola®  Zero Sugar, airbrush tattoos and so much more. They were also able to shop and support a mix of Black-owned businesses at the Soko Marketplace. To close out the day, Mariah The Scientist took to the stage and performed top hits including fan favorite, “Spread Thin.”   Juuuuuuuuu’already know the #SocialDw33b ON THE CHECK-in with the latest news, interviews, and more for the CULTURE!!!! It’s HANDSSSSSS OVA THE EYESSSS, it’s tha 2 UPPPP!!!!!, it’s #ReemoApproved  Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ Merch Store: For Guest Appearance, or Questions:   

#rewindreview: ChronILLogical ‘Rhyme And Reason’ 2020

  The recent pandemic might have been the worst and most odd thing many of us have or will experience in our lifetime but it made a space for creatives to sit down and focus. A lot of music came out from people we haven’t heard from in a while. Enter the M.C., producer duo ChronILLogical from #HUEston consisting of Stress and D.J. Gonz. This EP is almost twenty minutes of grassroots HOP with command able rhymes from Stress and tough headnod beats from D.J. Gonz. I’ve known Stress for about twenty years on the Houston hip-hop scene and one thing I can say is in the “2020’s” his voice and skill have not rusted. Always a true M.C. and on ‘Rhyme And Reason’ he continues to display it with vivid lyrics of dedication to rapping, staying focused on goals and awareness of fake individuals. D.J. Gonz creates a couple of jazzy but hardcore beats that have a flare to how it was mixed, thus making Stress’ voice and beats blend perfectly. You can find Stress keeping his skills sharp with the Certain.Ones crew but if one wants to focus on him as an M.C. stay in ChronILLogical order here. What did you think of the album? Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide & TuneIn app (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following

#rewindreview: Alcynoos, Parental & Loop.Holes ‘Rewind’ 2023

  This album truly touches the HOP audience familiar with instrumental releases from Alcynoos, Parental and Loop.Holes as individuals and as a collective. All three are from overseas with Alcynoos and Parental from France and the Loop.Holes crew from Norway. They team up to deliver a cool out album with a collection of some of the best M.C.’s in the past twenty years. ‘Rewind’ does exactly as it’s title and takes the listener back to a familiar sound of jazzy beats and rapping. ‘Belafonte’ featuring Ill Conscious, Venomous 2000 and Debonair P is the best example of what to expect on this album. ‘Rewind’ not only focuses on rapping and beats but also allows the element of D.J.’ing in HOP music to be focused on too. There is also a “who’s who” of names on this album if you really know your HOP music beneath the surface. Yancy Boys who consist of Jay Dee a.k.a. J-Dilla’s brother Illa J. and Frank Nitt have one of my favorite tracks on here called ‘Stocks Up.’ It’s moody, it’s chill and metaphorically puts life’s ills into a description of the Stock Markets movements. Alcynoos, Parental & Loop.Holes make sure that the audience is engaged on ‘Rewind’ and that the M.C.’s voices are just as an important instrument as the ones they used to craft ‘Rewind.’ What did you think of the album? Listen to QUANTUM LEAP RADIO every Saturday from 4-6p.m. CST & Thursday from 3-5a.m. CST on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston in HD2 Worldwide & TuneIn app (under “kpft in HD2”) Catch past episodes by searching and following

Jeezy Maintains Consistency with New Album

  Jeezy may have dropped the Young from his moniker a few years ago, but has maintained the signature sound and adlibs that broke him into the industry with his latest effort I Might Forgive… but I Don’t Forget. In addition to the familiar adlibs of “haha”‘s and the occasional “let’s get it,” The Snowman has shown a bit of growth in his content. Songs like “Don’t Cheat” which claims real men don’t cheat and “Delusional” in which he raps about surviving the street life to leave it.  Keeping it true to his classic sound on tracks like “I Might Forgive”, “My Name” and “Shine On.”  The beginning of the album is dominated by producer Ricky Polo who does his best Trap or Die impersonations, with trappy leads and deep sub bass, certain to please the slab riders with bass for the system.  The second half is dominated by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League who diversifies the sound a bit with tracks like “If I’m Being Honest,” “Titanic” and “Expectations.” Their use of timely samples, raucous intros and interesting percussion is what changes the tone of the project just enough. The project is 29 tracks deep, which seems a bit lengthy for this era and tends to drag on a little too long. Jeezy raps about his typical content of drug tales and thug type references, while showing maturity talking about real estate, relationships and the responsibilities of a legal businessman.  For the loyal Jeezy fan, this project will more than fill their appetites, however it will do very little to draw in new younger fans. Jeezy has found a formula that works and doesn’t stray very far from it.  Favorite Track – “Shine On” Least favorite track – “Nothing to Prove” Album rating 6/10

Filmmaker, Writer, and Director; Vega Montanez Hits a “Homerun” with Movie Premiere over the Weekend?!!!

Over the past weekend, I attend to a movie premiere like no other for an independent film, and I must say was highly impressed. The energy was amazing, and just overall you felt the love from the team to the cast members. There’s nothing like a proper rollout that goes well. Especially in the film and entertainment industry. “The Burden Of Nine Lives” definitely was one for the ages in the independent film circuit!!! Review: The film overall gave me a feel of Jason Bourne meets “Fresh” where the character “Jimmy Diaz” (Steven Staine Fernandez) finds himself in a very challenging position in the drug game world, and has to make precise and aggressive decisions along the way. Then there’s the semi-satire connection with the detectives throughout the movie played by Pete Maddocks and Andersson Tejeda who do their all to finally get to the resolution of it all. Alysha Wright (Actress/Producer) played a key and substantial role as a Doctor who the detectives were giving a hard time, but still held her ground.   Definitely the acting on the film was solid, and believable.  Also, the tone of the film will have you wondering “WTF” has Jimmy done? The action in the film was unique and dope. Check Out the Interview with Director; Vega Montanez       Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ Merch Store: For Guest Appearance, or Questions:   

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