#ReemoApproved 2023 Review Recap: AllStar JR Brings Organized Crime 2 DELUXE to NYC!!!

You had to be there, to understand the moment. AllStar JR “Organized Crime 2 Deluxe” Release was a Two-night event on that tilt of a wave. Also, the preview to his documentary was spot on of whom the artist is and has become after his trials and tribulations in LIFE. All in all, an artist […]

#Reemoapproved 2023 Review Recap: New York Music Month Conference 2023

Despite recently joining the Digiwaxx brand in 4Q 2023. I will admit this year was unique, and ascending for the #ReemoMeerakBrand, as well as for the contributions in media with interviews and events attended. All in all, want to show the readers, and viewers what took place, as well as captivating stories I’ve reviewed: New […]

#rewindreview: Nems ‘Rise Of The Silverback’ 2023

  The hustle that Nems has been on spans about twenty years from features with D12, to the battle rap scene but where the New York rapper hit his stride was his online videos. The videos find Nems going up to random people on the street and joking on who they look like while ending […]

Chappyweezy – Chosen One

Chappyweezy, the Canadian Filipino rap artist hailing from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, has emerged as a dynamic force in the hip-hop scene. His musical journey began with exposure to various genres, but it was the discovery of hip-hop that ignited his true passion. Influenced by artists such as Young Thug, Lil Durk, and No […]

Holiday Toy Drive event hits big in Union Square!!!!!

Dazed’s mission to give back and to the community was on deck with this Event!!! We are in the Holiday Season, and as the “GREAT” Correspondent that I am (Ahhhhhemmm,lol). I attended the Dazed Cannabis x Black Santa Company Holiday Toy Drive event in Union Square. The store is decked out with Dazed Merch (Which […]

#rewindreview: Boogiemonsters ‘Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album’ 1994

  When we were buying physical recordings of albums there would often be those purchases that were not perfect but they might be one of your favorite albums to listen to. This was ‘Riders Of The Storm’ for me. In the summer of 1994 I discovered The Boogiemonsters during one of the many moments I […]

#rewindreview: Chill Rob G. ‘Ride The Rhythm’ 1990

  The name Chill Rob G. should be a familiar name if one has been a hip-hop head for years pre-internet. One of his biggest moments was the song ‘The Power’ which was one of the biggest pop hits in 1990 only it was from a group called SNAP but it was Chill Rob G.’s […]

Battle Rap Weekend: Chrome 23 ‘Cancel Christmas’

If you are new to battle rap or wanting an introduction, this weekend is the right time to dive in as Remy Ma’s Chrome 23 hosts “Cancel Christmas” on Friday Dec 8th. So why should you watch? Battle rap isn’t a cliché event on 106th and Park anymore, or held in a clothing shop in […]

#rewindreview: Polyrhythm Addicts ‘Rhyme Related’ EP 1999

  The day I purchased this release in the summer of 1999 I also purchased Lootpack’s ‘Soundpieces: Da Antidote’ so needless to say my ears were beyond satisfied. Polyrhythm Addicts was a collaboration similar to Black Star, where individual M.C.’s teamed up to create a supergroup. Apani B. Fly Emcee, Mr. Complex & Shabaam Sahdeeq […]

Album Review: Blockbusta – Is Busta Rhyme’s Latest Effort a Classic?

When Busta Rhymes dropped Extinction Level Event 2 in 2020, he hadn’t dropped an album in 11 years. He doesn’t make fans wait long as he drops Blockbusta just three years later. The Long Island legend really mastered the ceremony with this release, as he delivers a thoughtfully laid out project with all the best […]

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