Can Rapsody’s New Album; “Please Don’t Cry” have Grammy Nods in 2025?

In this day, and age of Hip-Hop, we’ve come to the terms of either we accept Hip-Hop Artists giving us fluff for the music, or we truly respect the volume of authenticity, and talent within a project. For Rapsody; a very lyrical and talented Hip Hop artist from North Carolina has really come into her own stardom with her latest project; “Please Don’t Cry”. The project has the most complete, highly diverse in terms of beats productions, and ov erall music that has ever been in a Hip-Hop album in a very long time. Also, she has definitely went on a verge of giving us 22 (YES, 22!!!!) tracks of fantastic music to a point where you the listener will have no choice, but to respect who Rapsody is. During this review, I will express the GOOD, BAD, & #ReemoApproved. Also, you will take a look at the exclusive interview that I did with Rapsody, and truly watch, as well as her our converstion that the Hip Hop Culture would definitely love to admire, be inspired, and share amongst the Hip-Hop Community. The Good: I must say as a fan and contributor within the Hip Hop Culture. I was highly impressed of the 22 Track Album with No Skips (Yes, I’ve said it….NO SKIPS!!!!) and on a 3 day span listened to the album 5 times. Also, the features are legendary; Eryka Badu (3:AM), HitBoy (Asteroids), Niko Brim (Raw, Niko’s Interlude), Alex Isley (Loose Rocks), and last but not least the incomparable, sensational, and highly talented; Phylicia Rashad on the track, as well as throughout the album speaking to the artist. The productions on the album are phenomenal, and the beat selections for the album blend perfectly. If you are a fan of her music, she definitely did not disappoint. The Bad: Added more pressure to the playing field, and landscape of Hip Hop. The #ReemoApproved: Honestly, made me an omega stan of her. I really see the magnitude, and value of the album as like Nispey Hussle’s “Victory Lap” , Kendrick Lemar’s “Damn”, Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life: Volume 2, or Dare I say what DMX did in 1998 combined with “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” along with “Flesh Of my Flesh, Blood Of My Blood” in retrospect of it sparking their STARDOM within their careers. #TrustTheReemo on this one #MyCreatives this album is definitely the one for 2024. As per usual #MyCreatives, ON TO THE NEXT!!!!! Follow Me on Social Media: IG: X(Twitter): Tik Tok: LinkedIN: Subscibe to The Podcast; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. Subcribe To My Vlog Channel; Reemo Meerak: ReemTV: For Interviews, Cover your event, write a review, or Features: Shop The Merch:

Five Questions with Digiwaxx – Benny The Butcher

Benny the Butcher has risen from the ranks of underground rapper from Buffalo, New York to a prominent mainstream recently. Aside from the acclaim of his part of the group Griselda, his work ethic and consistency have done the job of establishing himself as a force of his own. Many credit him as one of the MCs keeping lyricism alive; making him a go to artist for authentic street and surreal rap. As a testament to his prowess, his latest album Everybody Can’t Go is produced by HIT-BOY and the Alchemist, pretty much exclusively. Benny cements why he is held in such high regard, proving he can run with the “Big Dog” when Lil Wayne drops in and spits bars with Jadakiss on the track “Pillow Talk & Slander.” We recently caught up with him on his Everybody Can’t Go Tour as it stopped through Denver, Colorado. We just asked him 5 questions and then enjoyed the show… check out the interview below.   Fans can still catch him on few Westcoast dates this month.      


  In the realm of music, artists often use their creative prowess to explore and comment on various aspects of life, society, and the environments they are from. Albee Al, a renowned Hip Hop artist, has recently released a compelling album titled “Albee For President”. This musical endeavor serves as a platform for Albee Al to express his views on his Jersey City raising, stories of surviving jail, and societal dynamics he embraces daily. In this article, we delve into the essence of the album, exploring its themes, tracks, and the artist’s unique approach to conveying political commentary through music. Also, check out the exclusive in-person interview at his listening event:   The Album’s Title and Concept: “Albee For President” immediately captures attention with its bold and intriguing title. While it might not imply a literal run for office, the album signifies Albee Al’s desire to contribute to the masses of the Hip Hop culture with his art. The title serves as a metaphor for an artist taking a stand and using their influence to address pressing issues, as well as of his lyrical template that has him as one of the most watch artist projectively for 2024. The album encompasses a diverse range of themes that reflect Albee Al’s perspective. From systemic inequalities to the struggles of marginalized communities, each track serves as a lyrical canvas where the artist paints a vivid picture of the world as he sees it. Albee Al’s ability to blend a narrative and paint the picture with social commentary creates a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners. Key Tracks: **”Who Ya Big Homie”**: This track sets the tone for the entire album, and that “Boom-Bap” feel we needed!!! Also, featuring Mozzy with powerful lyrics that call for the energy that’s derived from his Jersey City roots. The gritty quality of the song makes it a standout piece that captures the essence of the album. **”Press Conference”**: In this track, which is the first track of the album in the beginning. Albee Al amplifies the voices of those often unheard. Addressing the challenges faced by urban communities, he sheds light on the realities that many face on a daily basis. **“El Presidente”**: Albee Al takes more of the uptempo approach, as well as most definitely a well produced music video!!! At the listening party in The Cult Lab, this track was one of the choice options to drink, and it definitely was a #ReemoApproved Musical Style and Production: Beyond its lyrical content, “Albee For President” showcases Albee Al’s musical versatility. The album seamlessly blends various styles of rap creating a dynamic listening experience. The production quality enhances the impact of the messages conveyed, with carefully crafted beats complementing the weighty themes. “Albee For President” stands as a testament to the power of music as a medium for social and diverse commentary. Albee Al’s ability to intertwine meaningful lyrics with captivating and vigorous energy creates an album that not only entertains but also challenges listeners to reflect on the world around them. In an era where artists are increasingly using their platforms to address societal issues, “Albee For President” is a noteworthy addition that adds depth to the musical landscape while encouraging dialogue on pressing matters. As per usual, ON TO THE NEXT #MyCreatives Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ For a Feature, Review, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event:  

#ReemoApproved 2023 Review Recap: AllStar JR Brings Organized Crime 2 DELUXE to NYC!!!

You had to be there, to understand the moment. AllStar JR “Organized Crime 2 Deluxe” Release was a Two-night event on that tilt of a wave. Also, the preview to his documentary was spot on of whom the artist is and has become after his trials and tribulations in LIFE. All in all, an artist that’s well deserving of his name, and his continuing success within the Hip Hop Culture. I had an interview with the Detroit native via THE C.U.T.S. PODCAST on Night 1, and we had a well detailed conversation about his career, growth as an artist, as well as why he only cares for his craft, and music he creates:   Organized Crime 2 was released in 1Q of January 2023, and now he’s released a Deluxe Version of the album that dropped in 2Q (April 2023, and OUT NOW!!!). You can catch the Recap of the event on my YouTube Channel, as well as on my Instagram. Very dope to meet an artist like him for a first time in back to back days. On To The Next #MyCreatives  #ReemoApproved  Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ Merch Store: For a feature, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event: 

Holiday Toy Drive event hits big in Union Square!!!!!

Dazed’s mission to give back and to the community was on deck with this Event!!! We are in the Holiday Season, and as the “GREAT” Correspondent that I am (Ahhhhhemmm,lol). I attended the Dazed Cannabis x Black Santa Company Holiday Toy Drive event in Union Square. The store is decked out with Dazed Merch (Which I definitely am a fan of the Varsity Jacket and the Hoody), Holiday Ornaments , the TOYS piling up in the middle, and of course the “WEEEEEEEEEEDDDDD-uh”,lol (Stephen A. Smith voice). All jokes aside, the Cannabis was flowing in abundance as shoppers were buying, as well as donating Toys for the cause. The Black Santa Company mascot, was definitely an entertaining piece to the event as shoppers were delighted by his humorous presence and dance moves on the sales floor. Also, the patrons were at ease with the refreshments of Villion Cognac, and Bumbu Rum Co. The Dazed x Black Santa Company Toy Drive aimed to make a difference for the local community in need this holiday season with a toy donation to one of The Black Santa Company charitable partners the Think Watts Foundation. The Music was definitely jumping off the charts with DJ Sarcastic on the ones and twos. Notable guests in attendance included: Nancy Rodriguez (Netflix Love is Blind, Season 3) Bandit The Rapper (Sony Recording Artist) Hiii Siddity (Artist Girll Codee) Panama da Prince (Music Artist) Adeola Crown(Luxury Influencer) Paytra (Music Artist) Black Rose (Comedian/Actress/Influencer) I had the opportunity of interviewing the co-owner of Dazed Cannabis; Keshawn Warner: Overall was a #ReemoApproved event, and many should be on a lookout for their future events. Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ Merch Store: For a feature, want me to do coverage, and a write-up on your event: 


In this clip of Reemo interviewing; Andrew “Combo” Salop on his platform; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. They’re getting into the discussion of Hip-Hop artists, and whom are they’re favorites. Then, he states his claim that “Jadakiss is the Best Rapper, Jay-Z makes the Best Albums, and Drake makes the best songs” All in all, you must see the full 5 min clip below, and the full episode this week of Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. on all streaming platforms!!!!! Checkout the Clip Here: GUEST: ANDREW “COMBO” SALOP IG:… HOST – Reem’o Meerak: Productions Company/Brand:… WEBSITE: ReemoMeerak.Com For Guest Appearance, or Questions: ALSO, Check Out My Merch: JUUUUUUU’Already Know it’s HANDSSSSSSS OVA THE EYESSSSSS, It’s Tha 2 UPPPPPP?!!!!! #ReemoApproved      

Filmmaker, Writer, and Director; Vega Montanez Hits a “Homerun” with Movie Premiere over the Weekend?!!!

Over the past weekend, I attend to a movie premiere like no other for an independent film, and I must say was highly impressed. The energy was amazing, and just overall you felt the love from the team to the cast members. There’s nothing like a proper rollout that goes well. Especially in the film and entertainment industry. “The Burden Of Nine Lives” definitely was one for the ages in the independent film circuit!!! Review: The film overall gave me a feel of Jason Bourne meets “Fresh” where the character “Jimmy Diaz” (Steven Staine Fernandez) finds himself in a very challenging position in the drug game world, and has to make precise and aggressive decisions along the way. Then there’s the semi-satire connection with the detectives throughout the movie played by Pete Maddocks and Andersson Tejeda who do their all to finally get to the resolution of it all. Alysha Wright (Actress/Producer) played a key and substantial role as a Doctor who the detectives were giving a hard time, but still held her ground.   Definitely the acting on the film was solid, and believable.  Also, the tone of the film will have you wondering “WTF” has Jimmy done? The action in the film was unique and dope. Check Out the Interview with Director; Vega Montanez       Follow Me On Social Media: WEBSITE: ⁠⁠ Merch Store: For Guest Appearance, or Questions:   

“Pacman” Jones brings “The OUTLET” TO N.Y.C.

Adam “Pacman” Jones; former NFL Player, successful Cannabis Owner, and currently music recoring artist had his latest project dropped this 4th Quarter called “The Outlet”. He had his listening party at The Cult Of Individuality in Chelsea area of NYC, as well as was in rare rock superstar form, and gave the crowd an exciting, entertaining, and well hyped performance, and youuuuuuu know The Social dW33B WAS IN THE BUILDING Once again!!!! REEMO then gets the chance to chop’it up wih the man of the hour. Check the clip below, leave a comment, and let me know what the VIBE is?!!!! Follow me on Social Media: @reemomeerak_  For Booking Interviews, or Questions: Merch Store: “It’s Hands OVA THE EYESSSSSSSS, IT’S THA 2 up!!!!” #ReemoApproved

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Famous Record Pool Digiwaxx Celebrates 25 Years and Confirms New Digiwaxx Latino Division

Digiwaxx, the renowned record pool, proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary in the music culture and reveals a significant expansion plan into hyper-focused divisions. The inaugural division to be unveiled is Digiwaxx Latino, which seeks to cater to the immense influence and extensive global presence of the Latino community in the music industry. Heading this exciting endeavor is Brian “Essince” Collins, a distinguished professional with an illustrious career that spans across international markets, particularly in Latin America. A native of Honduras, Essince has played a pivotal role in launching promising artists and collaborating with diverse clients worldwide. As the world joyfully celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip-hop this year, Digiwaxx takes immense pride in its own remarkable milestone of 25 years in the hip-hop scene. Throughout its journey, Digiwaxx has meticulously curated one of the most esteemed record pools, while wholeheartedly supporting the culture through an array of initiatives. From exclusive events held nationwide to the renowned Digiwaxx calls featuring industry giants as guests, Digiwaxx continues to flourish, propelled by the unwavering support of the hip-hop community and the dedication of its founder, Corey “CL” Llewellyn. The brand’s impeccable reputation precedes it, facilitating connections between artists, DJs, and platforms on a global scale. Corey “CL” Llewellyn expressed his excitement about the addition of Digiwaxx Latino to the Digiwaxx family, emphasizing the desire to create specialized divisions focused on various music genres and cultures. He further praised the choice of Brian “Essince” Collins to spearhead the Digiwaxx Latino division, citing his professionalism and successful track record on both national and international levels. The newly established Digiwaxx Latino division will showcase an array of Latin music playlists, exclusive content, and interviews, providing a platform for Latin artists, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. Essince shared his personal journey with Digiwaxx, recounting how he had been introduced to the platform during his early days in the industry, monitoring Digiwaxx submissions for a New York label. He expressed his delight in being able to leverage this influential platform to highlight the remarkable talent and growth of Latino artists, an aspiration he has held for a significant period. Over the past 25 years, Digiwaxx has been a driving force in promoting and nurturing countless gifted artists. The brand attributes its continued relevance to the unwavering support of numerous DJs, industry professionals, devoted fans, and its own hardworking team. As they celebrate this momentous year, Digiwaxx looks back at those who doubted the longevity of hip-hop, proving them unequivocally wrong. For more information on Digiwaxx and its initiatives, please visit or contact And Follow us on all platforms: @Digiwaxx About Digiwaxx: Digiwaxx is a prestigious record pool that has played a vital role in the music industry for 25 years. With an unwavering commitment to supporting artists and the culture, Digiwaxx continues to thrive, connecting talents with DJs and platforms worldwide.

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