#rewindreview: EarthGang ‘Royalty’ EP 2018

    This was my first time giving the Atlanta G.A. duo a chance as their name had been buzzing for a few years leading up to this release. With co-signs from a few respectable veterans in HOP music as well as being apart of J. Cole’s Dreamville crew, the red carpet was laid for […]

#rewindreview: Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs ‘Roxbury 02119’ 1993

You might often wonder to yourself, who was the rapper that introduced a city to you. Some might say Common for Chicago, The Geto Boys for Houston or Too $hort for Oakland. For me the city of Boston was introduced by Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs after their smash hit ‘I Gots Ta Have It’ […]

#rewindreview: Statik Selektah ‘Round Trip’ 2023

This was an album that fell a bit under the radar in 2023. Statik Selektah’s ‘Round Trip’ is an assembly of some of the most “truskool” rappers who have earned a name for ACTUAL rapping in the last ten to twelve years. From Joey Bada$$, Rome Street, The Griselda crew, Ab-Soul and Ransom to name […]

#rewindreview: D.J. Quik & Problem ‘Rosecrans’ EP 2016

  A small tidbit that was thrown out to the people on behalf of a West Coast legend and up and coming voice. D.J. Quik and Problem put together a solid collection of tracks that drop the listener in the middle of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Rosecrans. Without making the music sound like a […]

#rewindreview: Horror City ‘Rose From The Crypt’ EP 2020

  Superstar MC of Horror City did not allow the pandemic to stop his output of music nor from allowing the “Horror City” name to die. In 2020 he linked with the “remix king” MiLKCRATE, to produce a “headnoding” release ‘Rose Form The Crypt.’ This eight song release allows Superstar MC to get loose over […]

#rewindreview: Kool G. Rap & D.J. Polo ‘Road To The Riches’ 1989

The debut album from Kool G. Rap & D.J. Polo is often forgotten when talking about the classic albums from the golden age of HOP music. Kool G. Rap has managed to stay relevant for almost 35 years among true HOP music fans and underground M.C.’s. That journey starts with the ‘Road To The Riches’ […]

#rewindreview: Moka Only ‘Road Life’ 2000

  Yet another cog in the machine that is Moka Only’s almost one-hundred album discography; ‘Road Life’ is a collection of thoughts and beats from the Vancouver, British Columbia M.C. and producer. This was my second album from Moka Only after buying his album ‘Lime Green’ and one of the first albums I purchased online […]

#rewindreview: Walkin’ Large ‘Riverside Pictures’ 1995

The internet has allowed for more acceptance of international HOP music in the last 25 years but before that it was much harder for the same music to be heard or let alone respected. Walkin’ Large was an act from Capetown, South Africa and linked with producer Roe Beardie in Germany to create a bumping […]

#rewindreview: The Roots ‘Rising Down’ 2008

  ‘Rising Down’ is the eighth full length album for The Roots who by 2008 had proven that as a collective, a fan base would always be present for anything they do. Their celebrity had grown by hit songs they made, touring they had done and collaborations with everyone from Dave Chappelle to Jay-Z and […]

#rewindreview: Black Moon ‘Rise Of Da Moon’ 2019

  2019 was a heavy year for HOP music releases with some veterans making comeback albums. Often forgotten is the return of Black Moon who had not released an album as a group since 2002’s ‘Total Eclipse.’ ‘Rise Of Da Moon’ is as “Duck Down crew” as it can get in the later years of […]

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